Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee

The Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Council. The committee reviews and may initiate changes and amendments to the Faculty Handbook on behalf of the faculty and/or administration and reports its action to the Faculty Council. 

The Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee will hold public hearings for the faculty in general prior to submission of changes/amendments.


Per 1.6.3 of the Policy Manual, the Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Council. It is composed of one faculty member from each of the five schools and the current vice-chairperson of the Faculty Council.  Representatives of the schools will serve for terms of two years; terms will be staggered to ensure continuity of membership.

Members of the Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee must be tenured or have served more than five years as full-time faculty members.

Current Members:

School of Humanities and Sciences: Jaime Warburton, Chair, term expires Spring 2024

School of Business:  Brad Treat, term expires Spring 2024

School of Communications: Arhlene Flowers, term expires Spring 2025

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance: Amy Rominger, term expires Spring 2025

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance: Radio Cremata, term expires Spring 2025

Faculty Council Vice Chair: Lauren Steele

Amendment of Handbook

The process is as follows: If the FHAC approves an amendment, the Chair of FHAC will consult with the provost and college counsel to review the amendment prior to presenting it to Faculty Council.

  • The FHAC Chair then presents the amendment to Faculty Council; if Council approves the amendment, the FC Chair informs the provost, providing the outlined and documented changes sent to Council by the FHAC.
  • If approved by the provost, the proposal is then brought to the president for approval. If the president approves, the document is forwarded to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees. If approved by the Trustees, the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will initiate the required changes to the official copies of the Faculty Handbook.

Volume IV describes the rights and responsibilities of the faculty and, as such, is part of the rules and regulations of the College. The provisions of the Faculty Handbook (including the amendment procedure described above) are not intended to supersede or alter the authority of the Ithaca College Board of Trustees or its bylaws.

Here you can find the updated specifications for the Tenure/Promotion File

Procedures for File Preparation and Presentation relating to Tenure and Promotion 

Any Questions?

Please get in touch with Jaime Warburton, Faculty Handbook Amendment Committee Chair, for any questions and assistance.