Ithaca College Provost Office Professional Development

Faculty Development Mini Grants are available to all full-time Ithaca College faculty members to support faculty development in the areas of:

  • Scholarship: supporting research or creative activities, or bringing scholarship to publication or production
  • Teaching and Advising: supporting faculty to enhance student learning or improve advising
Applicants may request up to $2,000 per academic year.


  • Purchase of materials and supplies
  • Purchase of books (which will be gifted to the College Library at the beginning of the following academic year). 
  • Support of student assistance in research
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Payment to student hourly workers for tasks appropriate for students
  • Payment for translation or editing services, or other tasks important for research projects within the constraints outlined here
  • Compensation for research subjects (as approved by the IRB)
  • Professional consulting fees for specific scholarly activity
  • Manuscript publication costs
  • Patent fees
  • Travel for research purposes (e.g., to visit archives or conduct field interviews)
  • Purchase by the IC Library of books or other media necessary for a faculty member’s project when the library is unable to acquire those materials within its existing budget
  • Attend conferences and/or trainings or workshops

Other proposed expenses may or may not be deemed eligible subject to the Provost’s approval

The following activities/supplies are NOT eligible for funding by a Provost Office Faculty Development Mini Grant:

  • purchase of books for individual faculty members’ personal collection
  • travel to present papers at conferences, for which other funds exist.  Provost Office Grant funds may not be used to supplement conference travel funds in any given year.


Faculty who are awarded a Provost Office Faculty Development Mini Grant are ineligible to apply for another in the semester when they are already benefitting from one.

Faculty are required to submit to the Provost's Office a brief (1-2 page maximum) report outlining the results of the project for which the grant was requested by the end of the semester during which the grant was awarded.  If more time is required, please make arrangements with the Provost's Office accordingly.

Faculty who have been awarded an internal institutional grant within the past five years are required to submit a copy of their post-award reports as part of their new proposal.  


The Provost Office Faculty Development Mini Grant application consists of the following parts:

  1. Completed application form, which includes:
    • Name of applicant(s)
    • Semester for requested funding
    • Title and Description of Project (100 words or less)
    • Explanation of Significance of Project or its Impact (100 words or less)
    • Outcomes of Project and its Dissemination (including outcomes for students)
    • Amount requested (up to $2,000)
    • Budget Narrative (explaining how funds will be used)
    • A list of internal awards won within the past five years and copies of reports submitted. (if applicable)
  2. IRB/Biosafety/IACUC approval (if applicable)
  3. H&SAG approval (if applicable)

Click here for the application form!


Awards will be granted based on the following criteria:

  • Plans for Dissemination of Results
  • Impact for the Ithaca College Community
  • Alignment with College Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Equitable Distribution (funds will be shared as broadly as possible, and those who haven’t previously been awarded grants will be prioritized).

When funds are limited, some grants may receive partial awards.