Because the risk of injury is assumed with the decision to participate in intercollegiate athletics, Ithaca College seeks to provide appropriate medical care for its student athletes. The Hill Center Training Room, Cerrache Athletics Center Training Room, A & E Center Training Room, and the Hammond Health Center are available to student-athletes. These services are provided by trained professionals and supervised by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams.

Insurance Coverage

Ithaca College provides a medical and catastrophic insurance program for its intercollegiate athletes injured in practices or contests. THIS POLICY, HOWEVER, IS SECONDARY TO, OR IN EXCESS OF, PERSONAL FAMILY/STUDENT MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE. Ithaca College requires that a student comply with the requirements of the student's primary health insurance plan in order to be eligible for supplementary athletic injury coverage under the College's plan. It does not cover injuries or illness that are the result of non-intercollegiate athletic activities or are re-occurrences of preexisting injuries which were sustained before participating in the Ithaca College intercollegiate athletics program.

Ithaca College requires that bills be submitted first to the individual athlete's health insurance carrier. Ithaca College will pay benefits only after those amounts covered and payable under any other health insurance plans are exhausted. If such charges are denied by an individual's health insurance plan as ineligible, Ithaca College will not consider them. Arrangements for treatment of injuries after an athlete's drop-out/graduation must be made prior to the athlete's drop-out/graduation.


Questions regarding insurance coverage should be directed to the Health Center at (607) 274-3319.

Medical Expenses Not Covered by Ithaca College

Ithaca College will not be responsible for payment in the following situations:

  1. When initial medical treatment has been sought more that 180 days after the injury.
  2. When no notification of injury/expenses has been received by the insurance personnel at the Ithaca College Health Center within 180 days after the injury.
  3. Medical expenses incurred 24 months or more after the date of the injury.

Intercollegiate Athletic Medical Eligibility

All new team candidates must pass a medical screening exam by the Ithaca College Medical Director of athletic teams before the candidate will be issued equipment and before the candidate will be allowed to participate in team workouts. ANY TESTS OR CONSULTATIONS NEEDED TO GAIN APPROVAL FOR PARTICIPATION ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT/PARENT. Returning team members must fill out an updated Medical Information Sheet annually, which will be evaluated by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams.

Specific Policies:

  1. Prior to the screening exam, proper insurance information and the required Health Certification Form must be on file in the Health Center.
  2. The screening exam is done at the beginning of an Athlete's intercollegiate athletic career. In subsequent years, the athlete will fill out a Medical Information Sheet that will be reviewed by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams.
  3. The Medical Director for Athletic Teams may re-examine any athlete and change the athlete's participation status at any time.
  4. On the yearly Medical Information Sheet, a medical history must be provided. The student-athlete is responsible for providing a complete medical history, including dates of illness, injury or surgery.
  5. Candidates with special conditions may be required to undergo examination by a specialist.
  6. Failure to report special medical conditions or previous injuries releases Ithaca College from any liability in the event of another injury caused by the unreported condition.
  7. Loss of one of a paired organ (kidney, eye, etc.) or any other condition for which physical activity is contraindicated as determined by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams may disqualify a candidate from participation in intercollegiate athletics.
  8. Upon successful completion of the medical screening exam, the student-athlete will be given a form, signed by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams, verifying their clearance for participation. This form is to be turned in to their respective Head Coach. Head Coaches are responsible for ensuring that no student-athlete is allowed to participate until that student-athlete has been medically cleared for participation.

Pre-Participation Medical Screenings Procedure

Medical screenings take place during the first few weeks of each semester, except for those sports that return to campus early for pre-season practices. For those sports, medical screenings will be done on a team by team basis. The Athletic Training Staff will provide information each year as to the exact dates and times for medical screenings. These are the only times during the year that athletic medical screenings will be offered. Potential student-athletes in sports other than those with pre-season practices are responsible for calling the Health Center and making an appointment for a medical screening during the times the screenings are offered. Potential student-athletes in sports other than those with pre-season practices are responsible for calling the Health Center and making an appointment for a medical screening during the times the screenings are offered.

Athletic Injury Medical Treatment

  1. The athletes should report all injuries or illnesses to the athletic training staff within 24 hours of the time incurred.
  2. The athletic trainer will screen signs and symptoms and provide care or refer the athlete to the Health Center, as necessary.
  3. In case of emergency or medical problems outside of regular Athletic Training Room hours, the student-athletes should go directly to the Health Center. The student-athlete should not go to the Health Center during the competitive season, except for emergencies, without an Athletic Training Room Referral Form. Out of season athletes with illnesses may go to the Health Center without a Referral Form.
  4. Treatments will be given under the direction of the Medical Director for Athletic Teams and under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer in the Athletic Training Rooms at Hill, Cerrache, or A & E Centers.
  5. Medical referrals to specialists must be made by the Health Center staff. If that referral results in a recommendation for non-emergency surgery, the student-athlete MUST inform the Health Center PRIOR TO finalization of any arrangements.
  6. If the student-athlete decides to see a specialist WITHOUT being referred by the Health Center, the athlete will be responsible for all bills incurred. Any athlete seen by an outside (off campus) physician must return to the Health Center for follow-up and final clearance prior to resuming athletic participation.
  7. Upon completion of a student-athlete's sports participation eligibility, an exit physical may be required by the Medical Director for Athletic Teams. This will include a review of the injuries received during participation and follow-up if needed. IF THE ATHLETE ELECTS NOT TO RECEIVE THE EXIT PHYSICAL, ITHACA COLLEGE WILL BE RELIEVED OF ANY LIABILITY AND/OR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURIES SUSTAINED AS A RESULT OF ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION.

Athletic Training Room Policies

  1. The Hill Center Athletic Training Room is generally open during the academic year from 9:00 a.m.-noon and 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and on the weekends as needed. The Cerrache Center Athletic Training Room is open as needed in the afternoon during fall and spring seasons. The 9:00 a.m.-noon time slot is reserved for evaluation and treatment of existing injuries. Afternoons are primarily reserved for pre-practice preparations, not evaluations or treatment.
  2. Both Athletic Training Rooms are co-ed. Student-athletes must dress accordingly.
  3. Treatments and taping must be carried out by certified athletic trainers or student athletic trainers under the direction of a certified athletic trainer.
  4. Electric modalities may only be used when a certified athletic trainer is present. No one is to administer self-treatment.
  5. Athletes must shower prior to receiving treatment.
  6. Equipment and supplies must remain in the Athletic Training Room unless their removal is permitted by a member of the athletic training staff. Failure to return such items in good condition will result in a charge to the student's account.
  7. All injured athletes should report to the Hill Center Athletic Training Room for morning treatments. Failure to do so will be reported to the athlete's coach.

Last Updated: April 16, 2013