Students planning to study abroad, whether through an affiliated or nonaffiliated program, must have the approval of the Office of International Programs. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required for general approval to study abroad. Exchange programs have a higher GPA requirement of 3.0, and the Singapore program requires a GPA of 3.2. Contact the Office of International Programs for further information or go to Study at the London Center

The Ithaca College London Center offers an academic study program for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students from Ithaca and other colleges and universities in the United States who want an international study experience of a summer or one or two semesters during their undergraduate years are invited to participate. The London Center's curriculum includes courses in the liberal arts, business, communications, and music that are designed to take advantage of the social and cultural milieu of London. There is also a specialized program in theater arts for students beyond their first year majoring or minoring in this area.

The London Center is housed in a restored Victorian mansion in the South Kensington district of the city. Most faculty members are British and convey a perspective that helps students understand British society and develop cross-cultural awareness. Excursions and visits to various institutions, cultural centers, and museums are an integral part of the curriculum, while presentations by guest lecturers bring students into contact with distinguished individuals from a variety of disciplines.

Students carry a full academic load while studying in London and enjoy many opportunities for class-related trips and other educational travel.

Program descriptions and course listings are available in the Undergraduate Catalog or online at Special Dates for the London Center

The London Center academic calendar is slightly different from the on-campus academic calendar. London Center semester dates can be found in the Office of International Programs website and the Undergraduate Catalog.

Transportation and living costs vary, but London Center students pay normal Ithaca College tuition and fees. Students receive assistance in finding flats in London.

Financial aid arrangements available in Ithaca, including New York State scholarships and rehabilitation grants, are available to students at the London Center. In addition, students may compete for a limited number of supplemental Fred Camden London Assistance Grants. Students going to London in a spring semester who are business, art history, or theater arts majors are eligible to apply for the Wendy Bahlav '78 London Center Scholarship, which provides one award of $1,000 each spring semester to a student demonstrating high levels of financial need and academic achievement. Resident assistant stipends are not available in London and college work-study positions are very limited. Study in an Affiliated Program

Students enrolled in affiliated programs are guaranteed academic credit for their study abroad, but petitions for assignment of credit are required to ensure that the credit is applicable to their degree program. Grades received are calculated into students' grade point average and students are eligible to register in advance for the semester they return from study abroad.

Students who withdraw from an affiliated study abroad program must be attentive to refund deadlines, both those of the affiliate and those of Ithaca College, as there may be serious financial implications involved in withdrawing from a program near or after the start date of that program. Students are responsible for informing both the affiliate organization and the Office of International Programs should they withdraw from a planned study abroad program.

Students who attend programs recognized by the College as affiliated study abroad programs are subject to the following refund policy:

  • If a student withdraws from the program prior to the actual start date of the program, consideration for any refund will be based upon the policies assessed by the affiliate program. The student will be responsible for paying any remaining fees, charges, or withdrawal penalties assessed by the affiliate organization.
  • A student who withdraws after the start of the program will be subject to the Ithaca College refund policies. Further information can be found online:

Office of the Bursar

Office of Financial Aid

Students applying to an affiliated program should not take a leave of absence. Ithaca College tuition and affiliate program expenses (room, board, and other applicable fees) are paid to Ithaca College, which in turn pays the affiliate. Students studying full time with affiliate programs may be eligible for Ithaca College financial aid. They may also be eligible for federal and state financial aid programs.

Affiliated Programs

  • The New American Colleges and Universities (NAC&U) study abroad programs
  • Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (CC-CS)
  • Institute for American Universities (IAU)
  • Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)
  • School for International Training (SIT) (Affiliated program selection is limited.) Study in a Nonaffiliated Program

There are numerous U.S. college-sponsored programs of study abroad, in addition to programs offered by the universities of many countries. The Office of International Programs has a library of materials about both kinds of programs.

Students enrolled in nonaffiliated programs must take an approved leave of absence for semester or year-long study abroad.  Students are not guaranteed academic credit for their study abroad unless petitions for transfer credit have been approved in advance for the courses they take. Ithaca College will grant transfer credit only for grades of C- or better, but grades are not calculated into the students' Ithaca College grade point average. Students are eligible to register in advance for the semester they return from study abroad, provided they have taken an approved leave of absence. Students on an approved leave of absence must have a $400 tuition deposit on account at Ithaca College and pay a $415 administrative fee ($200 for winter/summer programs) for study abroad to the College. Students studying with such a program are not eligible for Ithaca College financial aid. Federal funds, however, may be applicable to participation in non-affiliated programs. Students with financial need should inquire directly to the program of interest about extramural scholarships and consult with the Office of Financial Aid.

Students who wish to apply federal funds toward the cost of participation in a nonaffiliated program should submit bills for tuition and fees from the nonaffiliated program to Ithaca College's Office of the Bursar. Payment should then be made to Ithaca College for the full amount due, less any federal funds already posted to the student's account. Ithaca College will then pay the nonaffiliated program. Students who do not receive federal funds should make payment directly to the nonaffiliated program.

Last Updated: August 9, 2011