Please refer to section 7.2, Information for Undergraduate Students, and section 7.3, Information for Graduate Students, for complete details of College policies. Advising and Course Selection

Ithaca College degree students – Before selecting summer courses, matriculated Ithaca College students should consult with their faculty adviser, preferably during the spring semester.

Incoming students – For recommendations regarding summer course selection, first-time Ithaca College students who have been accepted for matriculation should contact the dean's office of the school to which they have been accepted.

Extramural students – Area residents and Ithaca College employees not in degree programs may seek academic advice from the Office of Extended Studies. Course Prerequisites and Permission

Students are responsible for making certain that they have the necessary prerequisites for the courses in which they enroll. Students who believe they have preparation equivalent to the listed prerequisite may seek the instructor's permission to be admitted.

The course prerequisite "permission of instructor" means that admission is based on an assessment by the instructor of the student's academic preparation for that course. The required permission must always be obtained before registering for the course. Graduate 500-Level Courses

(This section no longer exists.) Independent Studies and Internships

(This section no longer exists.) Independent Studies (This section no longer exists.) Internships

(This section no longer exists.) Full-Time and Part-Time Status

For both undergraduate and graduate students, full-time status during the summer sessions is defined as enrollment in 6 credits during any session. Enrollment in 3 credits in session I and 3 credits in session II is considered part-time status. For purposes of federal and institutional financial aid, the definition of full-time status for undergraduate students is enrollment in a cumulative total of 12 credits during the summer; for graduate students, it is 9 credits. New York State programs define a full-time student as one who is enrolled in a cumulative total of 12 credits during the summer. For further information, contact the financial aid office; phone 800-429-4275; e-mail; website Maximum Credit Load

Students are limited to 4 credits of classroom instruction during the May session and 7 credits during each summer session (I and II). If a student registers for more than these stated limits in any one session, the College reserves the right to remove the student from a course.

Students may register for an internship or independent study as long as they do not register for more than a cumulative total of 15 credits during the summer.

To seek approval for a credit overload, please complete the Winter/Summer Credit Overload Approval Form. Audit/Noncredit

Courses offered during summer session or winter session may not be audited. However, students may register for certain workshops on a non-credit basis. Suspension, Dismissal, Withdrawal, Leave

Students who are suspended, dismissed, withdrawn, or on leave of absence from any school at Ithaca College are not eligible to enroll in summer session or winter session courses. Course Changes Drops and Withdrawals

Students who need to drop a course should do so online using Homer, the student information system, during the add/drop period. Students wishing to withdraw must obtain a withdrawal form from the Registrar's Office and submit it to the Registrar's Office. Check the deadlines in the summer session and winter session calendars, and read the refund policy contained in this catalog.

Note: Cessation of class attendance or notification of the instructor is not considered an official drop or withdrawal. Unless students officially drop or withdraw from a course, they are still registered for the course, will receive a grade of F even though they did not attend classes, and are not entitled to a refund. Transcript Record

Registration in winter and/or summer sessions courses will appear on the student's transcript record. To determine how a drop or withdrawal appears on the transcript for these courses, students should refer to the Winter Session and/or Summer Session Academic Calendar deadlines and this schedule for each session:

Drop by "last day to drop" deadline: no record on transcript

Withdrawal by "last day to withdraw" deadline: W on transcript

Withdrawal after "last day to withdraw" deadline: F on transcript Course Cancellations

Courses and workshops listed in this catalog are subject to cancellation if enrollment is insufficient. For this reason, students are encouraged to register early. Final Examinations

Final examinations are held on the last day of each session at the regularly scheduled time and place for each class. Grading System

P - Pass; S - Satisfactory; F - Fail; I - Incomplete; W - Withdrawn; NGS - No Grade Submitted; DG - Deferred Grade Undergraduate









































Not calculated



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Not calculated Graduate








C- Satisfactory/D/Fail Option

Students may take classes under the satisfactory/D/fail (S/D/F) option by completing the appropriate form, available in the registrar's office. Refer to the summer sessions calendar for deadlines. Undergraduate students may elect S/D/F grading for no more than four courses in their bachelor's degree program. Grades

Students can view their grades on Homer, the student information system, using their user ID and PIN. Grades cannot be released over the phone. Contact the registrar's office for further information, 607-274-3127. Transcripts

Students may request transcripts by writing to or faxing the Office of the Registrar, Ithaca College, 228 Job Hall, Ithaca, NY 14850-7014; fax 607-274-1366. A request form can be downloaded from There is no charge. Phone requests cannot be accepted. Extramural Study: Enrollment Limits and Qualifications

Extramural students who have graduated from high school or hold a GED or an associate's degree may register only for undergraduate courses. Those who have a bachelor's or an advanced degree may register for either undergraduate or graduate courses. Registrants must meet the prerequisites for any course. Extramural students may enroll for a cumulative total of 18 undergraduate credits before applying to an undergraduate degree program. More than 18 credits may be taken only if the student does not wish to participate in a degree program and signs a statement to that effect. Extramural students who enroll in graduate courses are subject to the guidelines on transfer of credit out-lined in the Ithaca College graduate catalog. No more than 12 graduate credits taken as an extramural student may be applied to a graduate degree at Ithaca College.

Credits earned on an extramural basis may be transferred to an Ithaca College degree program, although this transfer is not guaranteed. All transfer credits are subject to approval by the appropriate dean. Anyone wishing to enter an undergraduate degree program must apply to the College's Office of Admission, 953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850-7014; phone 607-274-3124.

Ithaca College reserves the right to suspend the eligibility of any student who does not maintain a passing cumulative grade point average (2.00). All dismissals from the extramural study program are at the discretion of the director of continuing education and summer sessions.

Last Updated: May 17, 2013