Welcome HOME! (Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience)

HOME is a long standing Residential Learning Community (RLC) at Ithaca College. The HOME Community is for students who seek to explore and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, and who commit to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation for people from all backgrounds. Events offered to HOME students include social gatherings, faculty lead discussions, panel discussions, and events connected with current politics and current events in both the US and abroad.

Our goals

  • To cultivate an inclusive, welcoming and caring community environment.
  • To provide educational experiences for students to engage in dialogue and conversations around identity, privilege, power and oppression.
  • To have an actively engaged community that is participatory and respectful.

HOME is currently located in the West Tower for spring 2021, and will be relocated to Holmes Hall in the Quads for fall 2021. HOME is open to new and continuing students. Come find your HOME in HOLMES!

Location: West Tower, 6th Floor. For 2021-22, HOME will relocate to Holmes Hall in the Upper Quads!

Population: First-Year and Returning students

Room Styles: Doubles & Singles

If you have questions about the HOME Program, please contact: