Housing and Dining Options

As you explore your housing options for the 2023-24 academic year, we would like to provide you with information about your on-campus options. Ithaca College offers housing options that provide exclusive senior and graduate housing options with the convenience of being close to your classes.

Senior and Graduate Housing Community: Eastman Hall

The Senior and Graduate Housing Community is a unique housing and dining opportunity available at a reduced rate of $9,999 for the 2023-24 academic year.

Available to senior and graduate students, this community provides a balance of independent living with the resources and support of living on campus. Residents have the opportunity to participate in events focused on the unique needs of seniors and graduate students. Staff are available for support or consultation as desired while recognizing you may wish to navigate the year on your own. 


  • All single rooms (45 singles in former double rooms and 17 singles)
  • Microfridges in each room
  • Gender-specific and all-gender wings available
  • Gender-specific and all-gender bathrooms as well as a single-user bathroom
  • Communal study space
  • Open during Winter Break - leaving campus between fall and spring semester is not required
  • Later May Closing - May 31, 2023 at 12:00 pm
  • Short-term/single semester housing options 
  • Option to request room placement near friends in the building when available
  • As with other on-campus housing, laundry, high-speed internet, heat and electric are included
  • 21 meals per week plus $210 Bomber Bucks per semester

Graduate Housing in Circle Apartments
Graduate housing in IC's Circle Apartments features 3-bedroom townhouse-style units that offer independent living on campus. Visit the Graduate Student Housing page for more information on Graduate Housing in Circle Apartments.

    Senior and Graduate Community Council 

    As we look to meet the needs of this year’s seniors and graduate students, as well as those in future years, we will launch a Senior and Graduate Community Council. Council members are residents of this community and will provide input on ways to enhance the senior and graduate housing experience through programming, housing amenities, and other recommendations. Stipends of $500, or $250/semester, will be provided to those selected to participate. If you are interested in becoming a council member, please let us know on the housing intent form below.

    Common Questions

    Complete the Senior and Graduate Housing Community Intent Form as available. Spaces will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis while rooms are available. 

    If you are assigned a space, you will be contacted to finalize the Senior and Graduate Housing Community paperwork. You will be notified of your specific room assignment at that time.

    Undergraduate students who will be in their senior year (defined as having completed 6 semesters by the end of the Spring 2022 term) and graduate students are eligible to live in the Senior and Graduate Housing Community. Additionally, some flexibility may be available for students with less than 6 semesters completed by the end of the Spring 2022 term if they are graduating on or before May 2023.

    The meal plan includes 21 meals per week (when dining halls are open during the academic semester) as well as $210 Bomber Bucks per semester. Visit IC Dining to learn more about your dining options. 

    Assignments will occur in order of the submission with the larger (double-sized) single rooms filled first.

    The room cost is the same for each type of single room as part of the specialized pricing of the $9,900 room and board package.

    You may include this request in the Senior and Graduate Housing Community Intent form. Requests to be housed in a room near friends will be honored whenever possible pending space availability.

    If you are interested in becoming a council member, please let us know on the Senior and Graduate Housing Community Intent Form.

    There are limited spaces available, and you will be contacted with more information at a later date.

    When completing the Senior and Graduate Housing Community Intent Form, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and indicate interest in being part of a future focus group.

    When completing the Senior and Graduate Housing Community Intent Form, you will have the opportunity to indicate interest without reserving a room at this time. However, a room is not guaranteed until reserved by you. Rooms will be allocated on a rolling basis in order of submission and until all rooms are filled.  Students who request to reserve a room after all rooms are allocated in the community will be added to a waiting list. 

    While this pilot program is an attractive option for some students, you may of course explore other on-campus housing options for upper-year students through the regular housing selection process. The room and board for these spaces are the standard rates. The reduced room and board package is specifically for the Senior and Graduate Housing Community.

    The Senior and Graduate Housing Community provides a highly-flexible, convenient, and reduced cost alternative to moving off campus your senior or graduate year. This pilot program offers the ease and peace of mind of immediate access to classes, the fitness center, library, studios, dining and campus events, 24-hour maintenance and emergency services, and on-campus climate-controlled storage if desired. These are all at a reduced cost that, like other campus housing, covers laundry, utilities (water, heat, electric), and high-speed internet service while also including a meal plan and Bomber Bucks, with no 12-month lease, security deposit, or need to come up with first and last months’ rent upfront. Finally, we provide exceptional flexibility so you can take advantage of the housing and dining plan for less than a calendar or full academic year based upon December graduation, off-campus study plans, or unique graduate program schedules.

    A Head Resident student staff member will live in the building and be available to support community members as they wish.