Resident Assistant

Job Description

The Office of Residential Life employs 130 Resident Assistants (RAs) and Apartment Assistants (AAs) who are at least second semester first-year students. Working closely with a full-time Residence Director (RD) or Community Director (CD), the RA/AA is responsible for the overall supervision of a residence hall floor of approximately 25-50 residents or apartment community of 120-175 residents.

As a member of the Residential Life staff, the RA/AA works to foster the development of a community in a floor or apartment area through a variety of methods. It is important for RA/AAs to be willing to develop interpersonal skills necessary for working with a wide variety of people. They should have a genuine interest in working with other students and helping these students develop intellectually, socially, and culturally.

RA/AAs play a key role in the Ithaca College Office of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs. They are the foundation of the staff and have the responsibility to serve as an administrator, organizer, programmer, disciplinarian and role model for the residents of their hall or apartment areas. The RA/AA position is considered the principal out-of-class activity and any competing employment, interests and activities must be approved in advance by the RD/CD.

An RA/AA’s responsibilities include the following:

  1. Serve as a role model for staff and students both personally and professionally.
  2. As role models, RA/AAs must become familiar with and adhere to the Ithaca College Student Conduct Code, Residential Life Rules and Regulations, RA/AA Manual, Alcohol and Diversity Expectations and Area Office procedures.
  3. Approach, confront, and document (within 24-hours) students who are in violation of the Student Conduct Code and/or Residential Life Rules and Regulations. Follow-up with documented students after the incident.
  4. Respond to and manage crises/emergency response in residential areas, including facility and student emergencies.
  5. Serve as an initial source of support for students who are experiencing personal or academic concerns. Act as a referral source for such offices as the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Career Services, Center for Student Health Services, Academic Enrichment Services, Center for LGBT Education, Outreach and Services, etc.
  6. Complete all programming requirements, including associated administrative responsibilities.
  7. Participate in and attend future staff spring orientation in April and training prior to Fall Semester opening and Spring Semester opening. Exact dates of these training periods will be confirmed by the Office of Residential Life. All RA/AAs are expected to attend each of these training sessions in their entirety.
  8. Complete required in-service training sessions as outlined in the in-service guidelines, including associated administrative responsibilities.
  9. Attend all weekly staff meetings, weekly individual meetings and other appropriate meetings determined by your supervisor.
  10. Participate in various Residential Life processes and committees including the selection of Residential Life staff.
  11. Participate in the formal staff evaluation process. Re-appointment or continuation in the position is dependent on satisfactory evaluation of the RA/AA's performance. RA/AAs wishing to return for a second or third year must complete the Request to Return process.
  12. Keep supervisor advised on all roommate conflicts, room changes, damages and disciplinary problems in the building, cluster or apartment area.
  13. Participate in rotating room and office duty for area and/or building on designated evenings and weekends.
  14. Participate in opening and closing of residence halls at each break period and at the beginning and end of the academic year, at the direction of your supervisor. RA/AAs are expected to remain through Commencement to close the residence halls. RA/AAs are expected to stay late and/or return early from designated breaks.
  15. Perform administrative tasks related to residence hall functions. Complete all paperwork accurately and meet all deadlines.
  16. Report and follow-up on any maintenance or housekeeping problems in your area.
  17. Be available and visible in your communities. RA/AAs are expected to sleep in their assigned rooms every night, unless your supervisor has approved time out of the building.
  18. Actively participates and supports the cluster staff team.
  19. Maintain a positive attitude supportive of the department and staff team.
  20. Work with other students and help these students develop intellectually, socially, and culturally
  21. Support innovation, new ideas and perspectives to build and sustain an inclusive community.
  22. Maintain confidentiality within the department/staff structure.
  23. Strive to recognize and celebrate all realms of difference represented in the global community.
  24. Complete other duties as assigned.
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If you have questions, please contact, the Residential Life Office at (607) 274-3141, or E-mail the RA Selection Committee at