Off-Campus Application Process

2021-2022 Process Update (9/22/2020)

With the complexities of the pandemic, the ability to project enrollment and on-campus occupancy for Fall 2021 is not feasible at this time. Due to this and in consultation with IC's senior leadership, we have determined more time is needed to investigate if there is a need for an off-campus application process for the 2021-22 academic year. We hope to have an update for you by the end of the Fall 2020 semester.

The off-campus application process exists to ensure enough on campus housing is available for new and returning students for the upcoming academic year. Knowing if a process is needed for a given year and if needed, how many students may be approved to move off-campus early, is based on predicting the number of students who will need on campus housing for the upcoming academic year.

Below is some necessary information about the off-campus application process when it takes place.

  • Off-campus approval is not guaranteed and not all students who submit applications for off-campus release will be approved. Students who are not approved will be added to an off-campus wait list should future off-campus approvals be permitted.
    • Students should not sign a lease before receiving written approval for off-campus release by the Office of Residential Life.
  • Historically, this process has occurred either in the fall or spring semesters. In recent years, it has taken place mid-fall semester.
  • Approvals are granted for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters). There is no off-campus application process for just the spring semester.
  • Most commonly, current sophomores (who have been enrolled for 3 or more semesters by the end of the fall semester) are eligible to apply for consideration to live off-campus for their junior year.
  • Rarely, current first-years (who have been enrolled for 1 or more semesters by the end of the fall semester) are eligible to apply for consideration to live off-campus starting their sophomore year. Additionally, this is extremely uncommon and only would occur if all rising juniors who applied to live off-campus had been approved.
  • Rising seniors (current juniors who have been enrolled for 5 or more semesters by the end of the fall semester) do not need to apply.
    • Any rising senior who plans to live off-campus for their senior/final year should not participate in the on campus housing selection process.
    • Rising seniors may contact to confirm their eligibility to move off-campus before signing an off-campus lease.
    • Any rising senior who secures on campus housing in the spring waives their exemption to the Residency Policy and must apply for off-campus consideration.
  • A student may apply as an individual or as part of a group (group sizes can range from 2 to 6 people).
  • Students who will be away from campus (such as studying abroad) during the upcoming academic year's fall semester, who desire to live off-campus during the following spring semester, must apply and receive approval to live off-campus for the full upcoming academic year.