Late Departures

Late departures at the end of the Fall semester are not permitted. If travel or other circumstances make it impossible to leave on time, residents will need to arrange for alternate accommodations.

At the end of the Spring semester, residents, except for residents of Circle Apartments, required to be on campus after the published Spring check-out date (during Senior Week) must receive written approval from the Office of Residential Life to remain in their room assignment. Students who fail to check out as required will be assessed a $100.00 unauthorized presence fee.

On-campus graduating seniors do not need to submit a request. All will be approved to stay until 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Monday following Commencement.

Special Notes

Residents of Emerson Hall may be required to move to a different Emerson room during Senior Week to accommodate Trustees or special guests. Meal plans are automatically extended only for students asked to stay by the Commencement Committee.

Students approved to stay are expected to fulfill work and volunteer commitments, and must check out within 24 hours of their last work shift or campus event. Supervisors and coordinators should notify the Office of Residential Life of students who miss shifts or events for unacceptable reasons.

Eligible Reasons for Late Departure

On-campus residents required to be here after the published Spring check-out date for on-campus employment, athletic participation, academics (not including May Term courses), or Commencement-related participation (e.g., Senior Week Volunteers) are eligible for late departure.

Residents must complete the Late Departure Request Form requesting to check out on a date later than the published closing date. Approval is not guaranteed. The form will be available through IC Workflow beginning early April 2019.