Rising Sophomores

The majority of rising sophomores (students with less than 3 semesters completed by the end of the Spring term) will select housing during the summer into traditional doubles and remaining single rooms. Rising sophomores have the opportunity to apply for Residential Learning Communities during the Spring semester. Rising sophomores will also be able to apply for block housing (a process by which 4-6 individuals can apply to live in rooms in a cluster near each other). Applications for block housing selection will be granted on a space available basis over the summer, prior to sophomore housing selection

Rising sophomores will also have a limited ability to participate in apartment selection if they are part of a junior or senior application (for more information see juniors/seniors section). In the event rising juniors and seniors do not fill all available apartments there will be a second apartment selection process in the Spring where sophomores will have the opportunity to fill an entirely open apartment.

If you have a special need for housing you can learn more about the process and download the Special Housing Accommodation Request form.

Open Housing

Rising sophomores interested in living with a person of another gender can do so through creating a mixed gender roommate/apartment-mate group. You may create this group by logging into the Housing Portal via HomerConnect and selecting “Fall 2019 Housing” and then “Build/Manage Group.” Open Housing spaces will be available in co-ed by door Terraces, Emerson Hall, and the Apartments. Rising juniors and seniors will be given priority for apartment spaces. Rising sophomores will be given priority for spaces in Emerson Hall and co-ed door spaces in the Terraces. All assignments will be final until the fall wait list becomes available in late August.

Block Housing

Rising Sophomores interested in living in a block of 4-6 people can submit an application to the Office of Residential Life (see Important Dates) by date indicated on the timeline requesting a block of rooms. Awards will be prioritized by semesters completed and best housing priority number. Over the summer, awards will be completed and communicated via email before traditional sophomore selection begins. Anyone submitting an application who is awarded a Block will be housed manually by the Office of Residential Life based upon preferences provided at the time of application. All assignments will be final until the Fall wait list becomes available in late August.

Groups of 4 can request to live in 2 double rooms with Emerson Hall and Terraces 13 or Emerson Quad rooms.

Groups of 5 can request to live in a double and triple in Emerson Hall and Terraces 1-12

Groups of 6 can request to live in two triples in Terraces 1-12 and Emerson doubles, triples and quad rooms.

This is a very popular housing request and as a result less than 50% of applications are approved each year.

Circle and Garden Apartments

If all apartments are not selected by the end of the February apartment selection process for rising junior/seniors, a second selection may be offered, which will be available for all current students, including sophomores. During the second selection process, sophomores can make up 100 percent of the group.

Specialty Area Selection

Any returning student, including sophomores, can submit an application on HomerConnect to live in a Residential Learning Community or Substance Free Housing. Awards for each community will be published on HomerConnect. Students can select into other specialty areas based on space availability. Substance Free and Quiet Study require that residents sign an agreement. Please see Important Dates for application due dates and selection.

Summer Selection

Students will log onto HomerConnect to secure a double or triple room in upper years housing (see Important Dates). If singles are available over the summer, sophomores will be able to secure these spaces.


First priority for single rooms are given to juniors and seniors. All singles remaining after junior and senior selection will be available to rising sophomores. If you believe you have a special need for a single, please refer to the process and download the Special Housing Accommodation Request form.