Upper Years Housing

Rising juniors and seniors (students with 3 or more completed semesters living on campus by the end of the Fall term) will have an opportunity to live in apartments, singles or doubles in traditional halls designated for upper-year students, or Residential Learning Communities. Selection occurs during the spring semester. If a Senior or a student who meets exemption criteria that has already secured an on campus apartment, makes a request to have an off-campus exception granted, the apartment reserved will be relinquished, requiring remaining apartment mates to lose the apartment and re-select elsewhere.

Rising juniors and seniors are given priority for Emerson Hall, singles, and apartment spaces. Rising sophomores will be given priority for spaces in West Tower, Boothroyd, and co-ed door spaces in the Terraces. All assignments will be final until the fall wait list becomes available at the start of the fall semester.

Open Housing

Rising juniors and seniors interested in living with a person of another gender can do so through creating a mixed gender roommate/apartment-mate group. Open Housing spaces will be available in co-ed by door Terraces, Emerson Hall, and the Apartments.

Room/Apartment Retention (Squatting)

Rising juniors and seniors may retain (squat) their current single room (traditional residence hall), or their current Garden or Circle Apartment assignment for the coming academic year, under the following conditions:

  1. Single rooms in the Terraces may be retained (squatted), unless it is designated for specialized use.
  2. Students may retain (squat) their Circle or Garden apartment IF all the bed spaces in the apartment can be completely filled at the time of selection. Additionally, at least half of the students must be the current residents of the apartment (i.e. a 5-person apartment requires at least 3 current residents and 2 additional students).
  3. Students who retain (squat) their Garden Apartment or Terrace single are required to check out at the end of the spring semester and remove all belongings. Students in these areas may not stay for summer housing. Summer housing options are available through the Campus Center and Event Services Office.
  4. Students who retain (squat) their Circle Apartment for the upcoming academic year and lived in that apartment during the previous term may stay in their apartment during the summer break. Every year the Office of Residential Life makes physical improvements to a number of apartments. Students living in an apartment where physical improvements are scheduled will be required to consolidate into apartments in another building in order for work to be completed. If you have questions about the renovation cycle or work being done to your apartment, you can email reshallops@ithaca.edu.

Any rising junior or senior living in a traditional residence hall double will not have the ability to squat their current assignment as those spaces are being reserved for rising sophomores.


Apartments will be selected on HomerConnect through the Housing Portal. It is required that all spaces be filled in an apartment. Students interested in selecting an apartment may build a group on the Housing Portal and log onto the system to make an effort to secure a specific apartment type (see the timeline for dates and times). Selection will be prioritized by semester standing. Apartment selection will be organized by apartment type so students have an opportunity to try for several types of apartments. Students who are unsuccessful in securing one type of apartment during selection on HomerConnect will have an opportunity to re-build their group in order to try for another apartment type (see Important Dates).

Each group of students will need to identify a Group Leader who will be person who logs onto the Housing Portal to attempt to secure an apartment based on the timeline (see Important Dates).

A junior/senior apartment group can include a sophomore(s) in their apartment selection as long as sophomore(s) will make up less than 50% of the group (i.e in a 4-person apartment only one student can be a sophomore). In order to be eligible for apartment selection groups will need the following semester averages:

  • Students selecting a 3-person must have 2.3 average semesters
  • Students selecting a 4-person must have 2.5 average semesters
  • Students selecting a 5-person must have 2.2 average semesters
  • Students selecting a 6-person must have 2.3 semesters

Once a selection is made on the Housing Portal, that selection will be final until the summer wait list. At any point after housing selection, if a space becomes available in an apartment, students can submit a vacancy request by the published due date to request a new roommate. If a vacancy request is not submitted, open spaces in apartments will be filled by the Office of Residential Life.

We have a total of 886 beds in the Circle Apartments, and 406 spaces in the Garden Apartments. The Office of Residential Life is not able to identify the number of spaces that will be available at selection until after current residents have the opportunity to retain their apartment.

In the Circle Apartments there are the following spaces:

  • (7) 3-person apartments
  • (17) 4-person apartments with single rooms
  • (8) 4-person apartments with double rooms
  • (93) 5-person apartments
  • (50) 6-person apartments

In the Gardens there are:

  • (122) 2-person apartments,
  • (30) 4-person apartments
  • (6) 6-person apartments

If all apartments are not selected by the end of the first apartment selection, a second selection may be offered, which will be eligible for all current students, including sophomores.

Students who cannot find an apartment at selection will have the opportunity to participate in the summer wait list.

If you have a special need for housing, please visit the Housing Accommodations page to read about the available processes.

Single Selection

Juniors and Seniors will have the opportunity to retain in their current single rooms. Additionally, juniors and seniors will have first priority to live in single rooms in any non-FYRE buildings. Only Juniors and Seniors can select singles in the upper year buildings. Please see Important Dates for selection dates.

Specialty Area Selection

Any returning student can submit an application on the Housing Portal to live in a Residential Learning Community. Awards for each community will be published on the Housing Portal. Students can select into other specialty areas based on space availability. Substance free and Quiet Study require that residents sign an agreement. Please see Important Dates for application due dates and selection.