The HOME Program is an dynamic learning community for students who are interested in multicultural and global issues, as well as for students preparing to study abroad. HOME is also a comfortable environment for international students who are living in the United States for the first time. Students living in HOME have the option to remain in their residence hall over Thanksgiving, Winter (except for the week the College is closed), and Spring breaks.

The HOME Program is currently located on the first and second floors of Eastman Hall and is open to both first-year students living in FYRE, as well as to sophomores, juniors and seniors. New and returning students are provided with an opportunity to live in a culturally diverse environment where they can experience, discuss, and learn about cross-cultural and global issues. Programs offered to HOME residents include information sessions about study abroad options, cultural exchange dinners, as well as traditional social and academic success programs. We strongly encourage current and prospective students to consider this multicultural initiative as a housing and learning opportunity.

If you have questions about the Housing Offering a Multicultural Experience, please contact: