Whether you are new to outdoor adventures or an expert in one or more outdoor adventure activities, this learning community will stimulate and challenge you to gain survival and outdoor adventure skills, learn and practice leadership skills, and learn more about the environmental and cultural issues related to outdoor adventure!

Located in Terrace 8, the Outdoor Adventure Learning Community provides students with opportunities to attend educational and social activities/events facilitated by the staff and planned by members of the community. Events may include outdoor camping and hiking trips, outdoor adventure skills workshops, movie nights, campfire "study breaks", and practicing leadership skills.

If you have questions about the Outdoor Adventure Learning Community, please contact:

Recent Outdoor Adventuring
Camping on the Interloken Trail

Tending the campfire along the Interloken Trail in the Finger Lakes National Forest during a recent backpacking trip.

How To Apply

You can apply for OALC by going to HomerConnect.