The pages listed along the left-hand side of your screen provide information about our services, including counseling, groups, outreach, and education.

The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides short-term counseling to students who may benefit from intermittent and/or brief psychotherapy.

Enrolled students at Ithaca College are eligible to receive a brief assessment with a college mental health professional, and that assessment will lead to recommendations for appropriate resources and services. Students may be eligible for group counseling or short-term individual psychotherapy at CAPS, depending on the nature of the problem and staff availability. Students may be referred to other on-campus offices or to community resources that may be more appropriate for their needs.

All services at CAPS are by appointment only. However, staff are aware that emergencies requiring immediate attention may arise for students seeking our services. Same Day Crisis Services are available during business hours for students who require more immediate attention. Please call CAPS, (607) 274-3136, to see if these services are appropriate for your circumstances.

CAPS is not able to provide clinical services for faculty and staff members of the College. Employees may seek assistance through Ithaca College's Employee Assistance Program.

Consultation services are available during business hours for those with concerns about the well-being of Ithaca College students. After business hours, please refer to ICare for information about a campus initiative designed to help campus community members identify, respond and report concerns for further consideration.

On-campus counseling services are free and confidential.