Emerging Leaders in Student Affairs

This certificate program is designed to introduce students into the career possibilities in student affairs in higher education


All Ithaca College students who have an interest in learning more about working in student affairs are encouraged to participate.


Students must:

  • Complete 3 required Student Leadership Institute (SLI) sessions. These 3 sessions will be offered each semester.
    • Higher Education 101
    • Student Affairs Professionals Panel
    • Student Affairs Career Preparation
  • Complete 3 additional SLI sessions. One each in Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading in a Diverse World. A list of approved topics will be provided from each category for each block of offerings. Completed sessions must be from this approved list. Sessions from previous semesters can be found in this document.
    • Leading Self Sessions (Spring 2019):
      • New Year, New You
      • The Word "Conflict" Scares Me
      • Personality Type and Learning Preferences
      • Women Leaders Series: Radical Candor
      • Women Leaders Series: Empowered Women Empower Women: Supporting Others While Being True to Yourself
      • Women Leader Series: Is Your Network Working?
      • Seeing the Point
    • Leading Others (Spring 2019)
      • Feedback is a Gift
      • Timing Can be Everything
      • Teams Without Toxicity
      • Leading is Listening: An Exercise on Using Listening to Build a Team Bond
      • Women Leaders Series: Started from the Bottom ... Now We're Her
    • Leading in a Diverse World (Spring 2019)
      • You Just Don't Understand
      • How Remarkable Women Lead
      • Ready to Get Looped? Meeting ADA
      • Women Leaders Series: While Women: The Failures and Successes of White Women in Activism and Leadership
      • Hunger Banquet
      • Women Leaders Series: Standards and Stereotypes: How to Change Expectations of Women in the Workplace
      • Strategies for Effective Partnership in Anti-Racist Work
  • Complete a brief reflection paper at the conclusion of the 6 SLI sessions.

Students will have 2 years to complete the requirements to qualify for certification.

Look on the Student Leadership Institute IC Engage page to sign up for the above events. Make sure to RSVP your attendance 48 hours in advance of the session to receive credit for the event.

Why Participate?

Participating students will:

  • Learn more about careers in student affairs from those who work in the field.
  • Develop skills that will help prepare them for an entry level position in student affairs.
  • Receive information about other professional development opportunities, internships, or conferences for undergraduates interested in exploring this profession.
  • Receive a certificate of completion that can be added to a resume, job application, or graduate school application to indicate professional training in the field.
  • Receive a letter from Vice President for Student Affairs, Rosanna Ferro, indicating completion of this professional opportunity that can be used when applying to graduate programs or first professional positions.