AlcoholEdu and other Information on Substance Use

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As a college student, your brain is your most important asset. Take care of your intellectual health by using substances in moderation or not at all.

Here are some useful resources to help you make choices that work best for you:

IC's Medical Amnesty Policy and the NYS 911/Good Samaritan Law.

BASICS Education Program at IC

Other alcohol and drug services at IC and in the community

SOBER@Cornell Group


BAC Calculator

Tips for Moderating Alcohol Use

Harm Reduction: What is an overdose, and how to reduce your risk of experiencing one

Heroin: Facts and How to Quit

Alcohol Poisoning, BAC Effects, etc.

Alcohol Abuse: Dangers To Your Health

Online Alcohol Screening

Alcohol or Other Drug Emergency: What to Do

Alcohol and Drug Problems

Tobacco Use and Effects

Marijuana Basics

Prescription Drug Abuse

Sober People:

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Play College Alcohol and Drug Jeopardy!

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