The Honors Housing Program also known as The Honors Residential Learning Community, begun in 1999, provides a unique space for students who wish to live in a program specific residential hall, and offers participants numerous opportunities for enjoyment and enrichment. Stated goals of the Honors Residential Learning Community are to:

  • develop a strong sense of academic community among the students participating in the Honors Housing Program.
  • offer programs that integrate topics from students' coursework.
  • provide additional out-of-class opportunities for the students to interact with the Honors Faculty members.
  • provide a community living experience that is supportive of students' academic success and interests.
  • promote honors students' academic leadership.

The program is housed in Lyon Hall, a co-educational residence hall housing 120 undergraduates and located on the lower Quad. Lyon Hall has lounges, laundry facilities, vending and a kitchen. Honors students also have access to a computer lab to help with their academic commitment.

First-year students on the honors floor live with others who are facing the same transitions. They also have the advantage of meeting and interacting with veteran honors students who are familiar with the College and who can welcome them into the larger honors community.

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How To Apply

You can apply for the Honors learning community by going to HomerConnect.