Seniors of Color Awards

Each year, the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs (OSEMA) honors the outstanding leadership, commitment to academic excellence, individual achievements, and the many collective contributions of students of color at Ithaca College. This recognition highlights the awardees collegiate journey from start to finish and provides them with a special token of appreciation from OSEMA. The 2017 Nominations are now open. Please CLICK HERE to submit your nominations. We would like to congratulate the following students who were nominated and selected for the 2016 Seniors of Color Awards:

The Inspiration Award: Presented to students of color who have shown empathy, helpfulness, and a willingness to go above and beyond in support of their peers throughout their undergraduate experience.

  • Marcos Arauio
  • Pamela Arbelaez
  • Courtney Banks
  • Jihad Barnes
  • Lica Cisse
  • Vincent Dodero
  • Rebecca George
  • Sabrina Knight
  • LaMaria McDonald
  • Jorge Merlos
  • Malik Morris
  • Sandra Rojas
  • Christopher Williams
  • Christie Tan
  • Carissa Tom

The DuBois/Mandela Award for Scholarship, Leadership & Service: Presented to students of color for their significant scholarly achievements (cumulative 3.5 GPA or above) coupled with exemplary contributions to the campus and local community through service and continued civic engagement (i.e. work with a local agency, created a sustainability service opportunity, continued alternative break leadership).

  • Jamila Carter
  • Lia Munoz
  • Emily Quinn
  • Eddy Tapia

The Chung/Thorpe Leadership Award: Presented to students who have increased the profile of the community of color through continued participation in leadership roles throughout their Ithaca College experience (i.e. student orgs , honors societies, local boards, clubs, academic associations).

  • Alexis Blanca
  • Elijah Breton
  • Xavier Edwards
  • Kennute "KJ" Hammond
  • Evan Layne
  • Marlowe Padilla

The Chawla/Ochoa Academic Achievement Award: Presented to students of color who have shown a commitment to enhancing their educational experience through scholarly pursuits, while maintaining a high level of academic achievement (cumulative 3.3 GPA or higher). (Note: This award is intended for students who have done outstanding academic work outside the classroom in their field of interest: i.e. research, conference presentations, published writings, etc.)

  • Nicole Godreau
  • Luke Heisnger
  • Carter Smalley
  • Jaqueline Unger

The Chavez/Lorde Social Justice Award: Presented to students of color who has demonstrated a strong dedication to social change for the Ithaca College and local community through various platforms, projects, or initiatives (i.e. created a fashion line, started a new student org, developed a social media campaign, produced music or film, established a new campus event/program).

  • Lashanda Anakwah
  • Rita Bunatal
  • Khalil Griffith
  • Namarah McCall

The African Latino Society Alumni Memorial Scholarship

Open to: Current 1st year, sophomore, and junior students of color

Amount: $700.00-$1,200.00

The ALS Scholarship is awarded to a high-achieving student of color at Ithaca College who has made significant contributions to Ithaca College campus. This scholarship aims to honor a student who has worked to influence and promote the academic, political, social, economic, and cultural welfare of students or color at IC and the greater Ithaca community. CLICK HERE to apply.