IC Student Leadership Conference

The Inaugural IC Student Leadership Conference will be held on Saturday, December 1, 2018 in Emerson Suites.

This is the first year we will be holding a leadership conference for all IC student leaders. This conference will help students hone in on skills that will help them find success in the leadership positions they hold on campus, but also ones they hope to achieve beyond IC. More information will be posted in the Fall semester- so look out!

Who is this conference for?
This conference is open to all Ithaca College students who are interested in learning more about leadership. Depending on the individual program sessions you attend, this conference will count as 3 sessions in any of our tracks - Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading in a Diverse World or Leading at IC in the Student Leadership Institute.

What are the logistics of this event?
This half-day conference offers students an opportunity to attend several workshops focused on the skills needed to succeed as a leader. There is no cost for Ithaca College students to attend, lunch and all conference materials provided. All participants must attend the program in its entirety. The 2018 conference will be held on Saturday, December 1.

How do I register?
Participants are selected on a first-reserved basis through online registration. Space is limited, so students are encouraged to submit their participation forms early. Please note that once you commit to the conference, you are expected to attend. Registration will begin early in Block 2 of the Fall semester.


Registration for The IC Student Leadership Conference will begin November 2018.

Staff and Contact Information

Contact Information:
E-mail: ose@ithaca.edu
Phone: 607-274-3222

Staff Members:
Samantha Stafford
Assistant Director of Leadership Programs

Brittany Watros

Administrative Assistant