Student Leadership Institute

Sessions will be posted on the first day of classes on IC Engage.

The Student Leadership Institute is a series of interactive workshops designed to help students develop and refine personal leadership skills.

Participants may choose to take part in a series of sessions and earn a certificate - or attend any individual session YOU would like!

These tracks are:

Leading Self: Equips students with the fundamental skills and ideas to grow as leaders, students, and individuals.

Leading Others: Students are introduced to practical strategies for leading effectively in groups in the classroom, the home, the workplace, and beyond.

Leading in a Diverse World: Students will enhance their understanding of other people through the lens of personal identity development, learning about the experiences of people in other identity groups, and explore various topics on diversity and social justice.

Leading@IC: Prepares students to lead within student organizations through workshops that provide useful information and resources as well as help students develop leadership skills!(If you are attending Leading@IC sessions to fulfill a major requirement you will need to confirm with your department if these sessions count toward your requirement).



  1. Register for the session(s) you plan to attend on IC Engage.
  2. Once on IC Engage, you will need to join the SLI Portal. You can find that by searching for it when you click on 'Browse Orginizations'. You must pre-register 48 hours in advance in order to receive credit for SLI sessions.
    (NOTE: As a courtesy to our presenters, registration will close 48 hours prior to each event. It is important to plan ahead if you want to register!)
  3. When you arrive at the session you registered for, sign your name on the sign-in sheet. A student SLI host will be at every SLI session with a sign-in sheet. It is your responsibility to check in with the student SLI Host in order for you to receive credit. All SLI sessions are worth one SLI credit.
  4. You're done! It can take several days for our SLI team to register your attendance into the IC Engage system. For programs you have attended in past years, all your data from OrgSync will be there.
    Once you are credited with attending an event, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


SLI Program Important Dates:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Sessions Posted 8/29/2018 10/12/2018 1/22/2019 3/19/2019
Sessions Begin 9/4/2018 10/22/2018 1/28/2019 3/18/2019
Sessions End 10/16/2018 12/1/2018 3/8/2019 4/26/2019


Interested in presenting your own SLI Session?

For faculty, staff, and community partners we offer an opportunity to bring your presentation ideas to the SLI program. Our presentations generally last 1 hour and cover one of the following leadership areas: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading in a Diverse World as well Leading at IC for our students in Student Organizations.

Interested in making your office or student organization program a part of the Student Leadership Institute?

Have your program become a Partner Program with the SLI series. We love to partner with other campus offices and organizations to include their educational programs to our SLI workshop lineup! If you have a program that you would like to offer in the SLI program this year, please fill out the link below by the posted deadlines. When filling out the form, please consider which of the programming track categories listed above would most fit in with your program. We will get back to you on whether we will accept your program as part of our programming series. If the program is selected, we will post the session on our OrgSync page in order to track attendance and arrange a Student Leadership Consultant to go to your event to take attendance specifically for the SLI program. Only the students that sign up ahead of time will receive SLI credit for the event. Offices we regularly partner with are the Office of Career Services and The Center for LGBT Education, Outreach and Services.

Click here for the SLI Presentation Proposal form

Deadlines for all proposals:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Proposal Due Date August 10, 2018 September 28, 2018 January 11, 2019 March 1, 2019



How do I login to Orgsync?
Use your IC netpass username and password to login.
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at

How do I request an SLI certificate?
You may request a printed certificate once you have completed 6 sessions within the same track.
Simply fill out the ‘SLI Certificate Request Form’ which is located under ‘Forms’ on IC Engage.
Soon after this form is completed and submitted, the SLI Team will confirm and print the certificate.

I didn’t receive credit for a session I attended last month/week/year. What do I do?
Send an e-mail to with the date, time, and title of the session.
The SLI Team will double-check their records and respond to you directly.


SLI Attendance Policy

In order for the SLI program to be successful we need to be able to track attendance before the event to ensure that our presenters know how many people to expect so they can plan their sessions accordingly.

In the past several years, we have seen people ‘front load’ their sessions by signing up for sessions they have no intention of going to. This leads to sessions being full well before the date of the session. This then takes a spot from a student who has an interest in that topic. In order to curb this from happening we track absences at each SLI program.

At the beginning of Fall Semester, we start track absences for each event. If you have 3 or more absences by the end of any Block, you will be placed on SLI Probation. This will inhibit you from signing up for the consecutive block's session until two weeks after the original session post date. Absences will be tracked over the course of the year, so if you have one absence in block 1 and 2 in Block 2, you will be placed on probation in Block 3.

After you serve your probation period, you will be cleared from probation for the next block unless you accrue 3 more absences in that time period.

If you can no longer make it to an event, please email You can also go onto Orgsync, click on the event, and un-rsvp by clicking ‘no’ under the ‘Will you be attending’ section. Please only do this 48 hours in advance, if an emergency comes up, please email the leadership account.

Staff and Contact Information

Contact Information:
Phone: 607-274-3222

Staff Members:
Samantha Stafford
Assistant Director of Leadership Programs

Brittany Watros
Administrative Assistant

*Click here for the entire OSEMA Staff Listing