MLK Campus-Wide Celebration

MLK Celebration Event

This event kicked off our week-long celebration at Ithaca College. Each year the MLK Scholar Program provides a presentation for the campus, followed by the keynote address from a guest speaker. 

First-Year MLK Scholar Civil Rights Presentation:

The first-year students of the Ithaca College MLK Scholar Program provided a presentation that highlighted their journey on the Civil Rights Tour during Fall Break 2015.  Through performance and the use of multimedia, the Scholars  reflected on experiences and knowledge gained through their travels to parts of Georgia and Alabama.

2016 MLK Day Keynote Speaker: umi selah

umi selah , Organizer & Mission Director, the Dream Defenders

umi selah Fka Phillip Agnew, a native of Chicago, Ill., found his voice as a community activist while a student at Florida A&M University, "the #1 Historically Black College & University in the world."

In 2005, he helped to organize students from FAMU, Florida State University, and Tallahassee Community College in the creation of the Student Coalition for Justice, which was formed in response to the Martin Lee Anderson case.

In 2012, he co-founded the Dream Defenders, an organization committed to shifting the culture through transformational organizing;  dedicated to building a community of love and reconciliation and training and organizing young people in nonviolent civil disobedience, transformative organizing, and direct action.

Selah is a 2008 graduate and is a member of  "the #1 fraternity in the entire world."