MLK Campus-Wide Celebration

MLK Day Celebration Event

MLK Day Celebration Event
Monday, January 19, 2015
4:00pm-6:00pm - Emerson Suites

This is the main event for the campus-wide 2015 MLK Day of Celebration.

First-Year MLK Scholar Civil Rights Presentation:
The first-year students of the MLK Scholar Program will give a presentation relating to their experiences on a Civil Rights Tour during Fall Break 2015.  They will share their experiences through videos and personal reflections, demonstrating the successes and struggles of the civil rights movement. This is a presentation not to miss!

2015 MLK Day Keynote Speaker: ASH BECKHAM

In February 2013, Ash Beckham delivered a speech at Ignite Boulder that moved people to consider how terms like “that’s so gay” need to be removed as a pejorative in common interaction between people. That talk truly ignited the Boulder crowd and went on to receive 400,000 views on Youtube. Six months later she delivered the speech “Coming Out of Your Closet” at the TEDx Conference in Boulder, Colorado, that brought down the house! The talk has gone viral on Youtube and other media sites, with more than five million views and counting.

On Monday, January 19, 2015, Ash Beckham will come to Ithaca College to help us celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a talk called “Give Voice to Your Truth.”

The evening keynote event will begin with the first-year MLK Scholars presentation at 4pm, followed immediately by Ash’s keynote.

In her work, Ash shares how coming out as a lesbian helped her appreciate our common humanity and better understand the hardships that we all face. As an equality advocate, Ash mixes personal experience and wisdom to help everyone bravely face their demons. Beckham has been activist for equality since she came out as gay, and she credits coming out of the closet with teaching her to appreciate the humanity in people and the hardships everyone faces.

This events can count towards Student Leadership Institute (SLI) credit.