The Diversity Peer Education Program

Becoming a Diversity Peer Educator

Diversity Peer Educator program seeks to improve cultural awareness and understanding at Ithaca College, as well as enhance each student's comprehensive knowledge of, and relationship to issues of diversity and social justice.

All Diversity Peer Educators must demonstrate the following:

  • Participation in the Cross Cultural Leadership Retreat
  • Clearly demonstrate interest and passion for diversity awareness through a personal letter of intent
  • Participation in a two facilitation training
  • Participation in the "Leading in a Diverse World" Student Leadership Institute Track
  • Participation with campus-based efforts that focus on social justice

Educators facilitate interactive workshops with peers through the Student Leadership Institute, Residential Life, Student Government Association, and other student-based initiatives on an ongoing basis.

By serving as a Diversity Peer Educator, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate new facilitation skills during presentations and workshops offered throughout the academic year
  • demonstrate openness to other cultural expressions and values expressed during workshops
  • articulate their individual impact on social justice education, and their role in supporting diversity awareness, at Ithaca College

Requesting a Session with the Diversity Peer Educators

The DPE program works in a variety of settings, and presents on a variety of topics. Students, staff and faculty interested in working with the Diversity Peer Educators should follow these steps:

1. Consider what type of session you would like to do. For instance, do you want a DPE to show a film and lead a discussion? Or would you rather do a skill builder on understanding stereotypes? Think about your goals before you contact the group.

2. Check the Diversity Peer Educator Program Inventory for past sessions offered by the group. This is a continuously changing list, so the type of session you are looking for may not be listed, but that does not mean that the group cannot offer something similar.

3. If you have something in mind, and you have determined a time frame for the session, please fill out the DPE Request Form a minimum of two weeks in advance of your prefered date. We will contact you to confirm as soon as possible*

*NOTE: It is not the responsibility of the Diversity Peer Educators to draw participants to the session. This effort rests with the organization, residence hall, or group of students hosting the session.

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