Contact Information

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Communications Center (Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days per Week)
(607) 274-3333

General Business (Open Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm)
(607) 274-3353

Public Safety's Anonymous Tip Line
(607) 274-1060
You may leave a voice mail message on this line and remain anonymous.

Fax Numbers
Emergency fax (607) 274-3619
Business and Confidential fax (607) 274-1868

Emergency Closing Hot Line
(607) 274-1495
This number provides recorded information about any emergency closings of the College caused by hazardous weather conditions, fire, flood, power failure, or any other cause.

Director and Chief
(607) 274-3353
Bill Kerry

Administrative Services
(607) 274-3353
Michelle Jaskula, Administrative/Operations Assistant

Patrol and Security Services
(607) 274-3353
David Dray, Assistant Director/Deputy Chief
Tom Dunn, Administrative Lieutenant
Melissa Harmon, Operations Lieutenant
Terry O'Pray, Road Patrol Lieutenant

Environmental Health and Safety
(607) 274-3757
Tim Ryan, Assistant Director

Parking Information
(607) 274-3756
Carl Cohen, Parking Services Supervisor

Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol
(607) 274-3333
Crystal Young, Coordinator of Admin. & Operational Support Services