Education and Training

Harassment based on race, sex, religion, disability or sexual orientation affects students on college campuses as well as employees in many workplaces. Unwanted advancements, sexually explicit conduct, or offensive jokes can damage a student's self-esteem and can injure his or her confidence when enrolled in a course, participating in an internship, and when seeking employment after graduation.

Students are often unsure if they have been or are being sexually harassed, or if conduct that they have engaged in could be considered harassment. Please review the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy as well as the Sexual Harassment Policy. In addition, completing the short, online course entitled "Show Some Respect! Prevent Harassment" will educate you about identifying and addressing harassment. This training is for students and is generally required to be completed before beginning an internship.

You may also like to view our SHARE video, produced by Ithaca College and supported by the NY State Police by going to This video reviews Title IX processes, resources, support and options.

Anyone who is being harassed or is witnessing such harassment should report it to a supervisor or other campus official, the Office of Public Safety and/or Ithaca College’s Title IX coordinators.