Students who attend the London Center come to realize that the London classroom is the city itself, as valuable course-related resources are scattered throughout the metropolis.

Our unique curriculum combines courses of contemporary relevance with a British approach to teaching and British expectations about learning. Students choose courses from both a “cultural core” of music, theatre, literature, and art history and a “contemporary core” that includes business, communications, history, politics, sociology, and sport studies. In addition, multiple courses are available to satisfy Integrative Core Curriculum requirements across several different themes.  

Furthermore, students have the unique opportunity to enroll in classes that take full advantage of the city’s cultural and historical resources. Some classes visit art and history museums throughout the city, attend theatre performances in London’s theatre district (as well as those off the beaten track), and go on field trips to some of London’s famous sporting venues.

London Center Course Offerings


Course Title




ARTH 21600 Art in London Fall, Spring, & Summer 3
ARTH 21700 British Art and Architecture I Fall 3
ARTH 21800 British Art and Architecture II Spring 3
TBD New Business Course in Development! Fall & Spring 3
CNPH 31000 British Comedy: Film, Television and Radio Fall 3
TVR 35200 British Media & Society Fall 3
CNPH 20700 European Cinema Spring 3
TVR 32400 European Mass Media Spring 3
CNPH 20500 Photographic Currents Fall, Spring, & Summer 3
ENGL 21600 Contemporary British Fiction Spring 3
ENGL 36300 Irish Literature Fall & Spring 3
ENGL 21900 Shakespeare Fall, Spring, & Summer 4
ENVS 20900 London, People, and the Planet Fall, Spring, & Summer 3
HIST 20600 Underground London Fall & Spring 3
HNRS 27000 Honors Seminar: London as Text Fall 3
MUNM 16400 British Popular Music Fall & Spring 3
MUMN 16300 Music in London Fall & Spring 3
PFMJ XXXXX Private Music Lessons Fall & Spring variable
SOCI 23500 British Youth Culture Spring 3
SOCI 34100 Minorities in the United Kingdom Fall 3
SOCI 20200 Women in Britain Spring & Summer 3
SPME 39901 Sports in the United Kingdom Fall, Spring, & Summer 3
THEA 34700 London Theatre Immersion Fall, Spring, & Summer 4
THEA 34500 London Theatre & Culture: Walking Tour Fall & Spring   2
THEA 13700 Stage Combat Fall & Spring  1
THEA 27900 Special Topics: Applied Theatre: Physical Theatre and Comedy Fall & Spring 3