Course Descriptions

Course descriptions can be found in the catalog.  However, each semester we might offer experimental "special topics" courses as well as differing topics for our 400-level seminars and tutorials.  The undergraduate catalog will not include those descriptions.  Instead, you can find the course descriptions for such courses on the bottom of this page.  

You will see listed below the Fall 2023 Seminar Description

For the rest of the courses being offered this semester, see "pre-registration information" in the menu or HOMER.
Assoc. Professor Karin Breuer, HIST 45000-01: History Seminar and Capstone: Revolutions in the Modern World MW 4:00-4:50

This seminar takes a comparative approach to understanding revolutions from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries.  We will be reading monographs about revolutions in the American Colonies, France, Haiti (Saint-Domingue), Russia, and China.  Students will complete a research paper on a related topic.  This course also fulfills the capstone requirement for the History Department.