Internships are a great way to expand your skill set and prepare for post-graduate life.

History majors have completed a number of internships, varying from working at a national park like Seneca Falls; a historic site, like William Seward's house; a museum, like the History Center; or in a variety of placements pursuing other interests, such as the law or music management.
Internship Available in nearby Auburn, NY

Seward House Museum—dedicated to William Seward, a former governor and senator from New York who was secretary of state during the American Civil War—is seeking interns, including paid positions,  For more information, contact Jeffrey Ludwig, Director of Education at the Seward House Museum.  Students who are interested in museum work or just love 19th century American history would benefit from a placement here.

Interning helped hone my analytical skills and led me to ViacomCBS.

picture of Matt Riccitelli standing in front of an IC Bombers background

Being a History major at Ithaca college has helped me greatly with my writing, research, and communications skills. The internships I completed in the summer of 2017 and 2018 were more closely related to my minor, which was communications.  I interned for two record companies, Crush Music and Red Light Management. Even though my internships did not directly pertain to history I was still able to receive credit for the internships. The skills I developed over the years as a history major really made a difference in my work. I have always had a  great passion for history. When  I was a young boy I would stay up late on Wikipedia looking a statistics of different battles fought throughout time and watched movies about historical events. When it was time for me to go to college I knew if I became a history major it would be something I truly enjoyed studying. I met some of the most amazing professor at Ithaca through the history department and took the most amazing classes that Ithaca had to offer. The history program at Ithaca college made me a great writer, taught me how to read critically, and showed me how to properly research. I now work for ViacomCBS in New York City and I was able to obtain this job because of my internships and the skills I learned as a history major. 

My internship changed my career path.

Karen Macke at Seneca Falls National Park

Before my internship at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go into museums. I came into college thinking I wanted to teach history at the high school level. However, upon getting into a student teaching environment I quickly learned that it wasn’t for me. Before working with the National Park Service I was nervous the same thing would happen with my idea of working in museums. However, this time it was different. At the park I worked on updating their archives and creating a set of documents the would explain what each artifact was and why it was significant. This archival work helped me realize a passion of mine. I do want to go into museology and am currently looking for masters programs to help me achieve my goals. But there is no way I would have found this out without the park. This summer was the best I ever had, and it was all due to the internship. 

Internship Available: PA House of Representatives Archives Internship

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has a thirteen-week internship available.  For more information on their program, see here and see their brochure at the bottom of this page.

My internship helped move me closer to becoming an attorney.

Maddie Anthony

Using the writing and research skills that I acquired within the History department, I decided to get experience within the legal field since my goal is to become a lawyer. I found an internship placement with a Superior Court judge in my hometown of Warwick, Rhode Island. This not only allowed me to write legal briefs and memorandums and shadow the judge and his clerks in hearings and trials, but also to gain a perspective on what the legal field is like as a woman. I realized that there needs to be more female court judges and lawyers that can make progress towards changes in case law in women's rights and lead towards full gender equality. Although the lack of female law personnel was discouraging, it showed me that work needs to be done and I want to be involved.

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