This award (with a modest check) is given in recognition of exemplary work in upper level history classes. A call for submissions circulates each spring for the best 400-level (seminar or tutorial) paper of the year.

Recent Award Winners:

2016  Alyssa Gilliam, “For the Cultivation of Still Wider and More Unselfish Interests”:  Female University Students and Community in Great Britain, 1850-1910

2015  Eric Trautman-Mosher; with honorable mention to: Olivia Boyle, Celina Foran, Emily Gallik, and Laura Hill

2014  Steven Brasley and Charles Russak

2013   Caitlin O'Connell and Jacob Schroeder

2012   Megan Gaul and Meg Rindfleisch

It wasn't until I started graduate school that I realized just how valuable my history degree was, especially with how much focus the Ithaca History Department places on writing.  I learned how to conduct research, cite sources, use evidence to make arguments, and be clear and direct in my writing.

Greg Peterson, class of 2009