Integrative Studies: A Unique Path

Are you a student who is

  • passionate about exploring unanswered questions by wandering down multiple disciplinary pathways?
  • absorbed by complex problems that seem to demand integrative answers from diverse perspectives?
  • focused on a professional goal that demands a creative academic path?

If so, an Integrative Studies* major may be right for you.

Integrative Studies allows you to work with faculty across the College to design an academic experience that will help you address critical questions and pursue professional goals in ways that cannot be accomplished through an existing major.

Each Integrative Studies program is unique, since students develop a plan of study based on their own distinct set of questions and goals.

The faculty have also developed a series of options (Integrative Studies "platforms") to show what areas of inquiry might be used to create a plan, and to provide a base from which you can launch your own vision of those options.

It takes a special set of skills to pursue an Integrative Studies major. The program works especially well for students who are engaged in, and ready to take responsibility for, their own education, and who are self-motivated, intellectually curious, and ready to challenge themselves.

If that describes you, we invite you to consider pursuing this integrative pathway through an Ithaca College education.

A special note: This program was formerly called Planned Studies.

Interested in Integrative Studies?

New Inquiries:
Professor Karin Breuer, Coordinator of Integrative Studies
History Department, 418 Muller Center
(607) 274-1489

Next Application Deadline

Student proposals for Integrative Studies are currently closed for Fall 2020. Please check back in the Fall for our Spring deadline.

This deadline is for completed proposals that have been reviewed by Professor Breuer in advance. Students intending to submit by this deadline should contact Professor Breuer as soon as possible, and no later than the start of the Fall semester. Note that second semester juniors are not eligible to be admitted to the Integrative Studies major.