Are you:

  • Engaged in active exploration of television, film, video games, the web, photography, and other screen media?
  • Curious about how screen media represent, express, or distort the values and experiences of diverse social and cultural groups and processes?
  • Interested in exploring today’s screen media from an integrative perspective, with attention to the historical, political, economic, and social contexts of their development and deployment?

Students developing plans incorporating this platform will

  • Take core courses in several related disciplines, including art history, communication studies, and television and film studies;
  • Develop analytical skills for exploring the technologies, aesthetics, cultures, and practices associated with diverse screen media, all placed within a broader visual and cultural context;
  • Develop practical skills to gain a greater understanding of the different ways of creating and communicating through still and moving images.

Options for plans based on this platform include exploring:

  • The specific practices and theories associated with a particular screen medium; OR
  • How screen media represent and explore particular topics and ideas (from depictions of gangsters to religion and philosophy on screen); OR
  • How screen media express the distinctiveness of diverse ethnic and national cultures (from the US to countries around the globe).

Students will use plans in this area to be prepared for careers in a wide range of fields that intersect with the arts, media, and communications industries.​