Are you:

  • Eager to develop an understanding of the global community and issues related to identity, borders, and cultural encounters?
  • Curious about the way that inhabitants of the United States are enmeshed in a global world, and how our local lives are impacting other people no matter where in the world they live?
  • Interested in taking informed action on domestic issues that have global implications?

Students developing plans incorporating this platform will:

  • Develop a grounding in several disciplines, including politics, anthropology and history;
  • Study a second language and study abroad;
  • Develop an analytic framework that will allow both action and research on issues of global significance.

Options for plans based on this platform include exploring:

  • Global race, ethnicity and nationalism and the linkages between policies in the United States and policies in the international context; OR
  • Cross-cultural and cross-national understanding and practice of the arts and humanities; OR
  • International economics and policy and the local and global impact of nation-based policies.

Senior projects might include

  • An internship in an international organization;  OR
  • Designing a field-based research project on global issues;  OR
  • Developing a community program for education about global issues.

Students may use plans in this area to be prepared for careers in business, communications, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or international organizations.