Are you:

  • Excited to delve into an understanding of health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being?
  • Interested in exploring the concepts of health and wellness from holistic, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural perspectives?
  • Curious about how to help others become aware of and make good choices toward wellness throughout the life-span?

Students developing plans incorporating this platform will

  • Use historical, cultural, and sociological perspectives to understand diverse health beliefs and practices;
  • Explore how social and political contexts impact the health and wellness of individuals and groups;
  • Develop research and/or practical skills to develop awareness of health-related choices for individuals and communities. 

Options for plans based on this platform include exploring:

  • Alternative modalities of health, exploring how diverse cultural and artistic practices can lead to wellness considered as an integrative phenomenon;  OR
  • The multidimensional elements of health as a holistic phenomenon, exploring the historical, occupational, emotional, spiritual, environmental, cultural, and/or physical intersections that contribute to, or impede, wellness;  OR
  • How health is embedded in health care, political, and economic systems, including cultural systems of gender, race, and ethnicity, which influence the degree to which individuals and groups can attain and maintain health.

Students can use plans in this area to prepare for careers as health and wellness educators, providers, consultants, researchers, or administrators.