Are you:

  • Passionate about all forms of the arts and how to make them sustainable and available?
  • Excited about getting involved in managing arts organizations and supporting artists’ work?
  • Curious to learn how you can serve as a bridge between multiple art forms, artists, and their potential audiences?

Students developing plans incorporating this platform will:

  • Develop knowledge and analytic skills in business- and leadership-related areas, including marketing, technology, organizational and financial management, and communications;
  • Explore two artistic disciplines, including, but not limited to, theatre, dance, music, visual arts, creative writing and literature, film, animation, and digital media;
  • Engage in hands-on experiences to apply knowledge and skills in real-world arts contexts.

Options for plans based on this platform include:

  • Exploring additional art forms from both an analytic and experiential perspective
  • Developing expertise in communications and marketing to organize and promote arts events
  • Developing technical skills for engaging the arts in web-based and social media.

Senior projects might include

  • Developing a research project focused on an analysis of the economics and politics of the arts, OR
  • Producing a fully realized arts event, OR
  • Completing an internship in arts management. 

Students will use plans in this area to be prepared for careers that allow them to promote, manage, and produce their own and others' art work; engage in fundraising and marketing to ensure financial viability for arts organizations; or lead arts organizations and represent artists to audiences.