Are you

  • Passionate about the issues, practices, and projects of sustainability domestically and globally?
  • Interested in creating sustainable approaches to tourism and travel?
  • Looking for opportunities to develop expertise in communicating about sustainability?

Students developing plans incorporating this platform will

  • Learn the principles of sustainable development;
  • Gain the analytical skills needed to understand and address sustainability in global and domestic contexts of inequality;
  • Develop expertise in areas of their choosing, including ecotourism, sustainable development, and environmental communication.

Options for plans based on this platform include exploring:

  • Ecotourism through courses in anthropology, recreation and leisure studies, and business; OR
  • Environmental communication through courses in strategic communication, law and public policy, essay and science writing, and media and literary representations of the environment; OR
  • Sustainable development as a set of practices connected to global issues of culture, race, and ethnicity, including human rights, inequality, and environmental policy.

Senior projects might include

  • An internship at a sustainability-focused organization; OR
  • Researching and developing a case study of a sustainability issue for presentation; OR
  • Designing and implementing a campaign that supports a sustainability project or policy.

Students can use plans in this area to prepare for sustainability-related careers in education, research, business, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), communications, or international organizations.