Integrative Studies Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Integrative Studies Program is charged to provide oversight and approval of student plans, to advocate for the program across the College, and to support the Coordinator in the development and implementation of administrative processes, assessment plans and reports, and curriculum related to the program.

Specifically, the Advisory Board reviews and approves proposed student plans, and provides recommendations to those plans as appropriate. The Advisory Board also discusses and participates in the development of curriculum and student learning outcomes and assessment processes. The Board may also provide recommendations about other program policy and procedures as the need arises. The Advisory Board will review the annual report drafted by the Coordinator and submitted to the Dean of Humanities and Sciences.

Advisory Board Members 2020-21

Karin Breuer, Associate Professor, History and Coordinator of Integrative Studies

Christine Bataille, Associate Professor, School of Business

Angela Branneman, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts, H&S

Joslyn Brenton, Associate Professor, Sociology, H&S

Dennis Charsky, Associate Professor, Strategic Communication, School of Communications

Mike Costello, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy, HSHP

Colleen Countryman, Assistant Professor, Physics, H&S

Mary Ann Erickson, Associate Professor, Gerontology

Crystal Peebles, Associate Professor, Music Theory, History, and Composition, School of Music

Bryan Roberts, Associate Dean, School of Communications

Rachel Wagner, Associate Professor, Philosophy/Religion, H&S

Jana Waller, Interim Associate Dean, HSHP

Ivy Walz, Interim Assistant Dean,  School of Music

Stacia Zabusky, Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences, ex officio