Faculty have identified some interdisciplinary areas that students might consider using as the beginnings of an Integrative Studies major. The platforms, based on the kinds of plans we have seen students developing in the past five years, provide an outline of the kinds of questions the program of study is designed to address, some recommended courses that faculty believe are core to this area of study, and then suggestions for ways in which students can further develop your ideas to produce a final plan of study in one of these integrative areas of study.

These platforms are designed to help you get started, but they don't spell out an entire major program; as with all plans developed through Integrative Studies, students are the designers of their own educational plans. If you pursue one of these platforms, you will be expected to elaborate on the recommended core to build a complete plan/major that meets your vision and goals. If you are interested in exploring one of these platforms, please  contact the Integrative Studies Coordinator, who maintains a set of Advising Sheets associated with each platform.

Remember: there are as many plans as there are creative, inquisitive, and engaged students.

Arts Leadership and Management

Global Studies

Integrative Health and Wellness Studies

Music in Social and Cultural Context

Screen Studies

Sustainability Studies