Meet Integrative Studies Majors

Class of 2023

Emily Fischer- Linguistics
My major studies all aspects of human language, mainly sounds, words, sentences, and meaning, how it is acquired, and how it is used as a social tool. Courses in Linguistics, SLPA, Communication Studies, Italian, Anthropology, Writing, and more will allow me to gain a foundational understanding of language in the mind and in society.

Grace Madeya- Theatre Education and Social Justice
My major focuses on how social justice can be incorporated into a thriving theatre company. My plan also explores how to enact social change through comprehensive courses offered in Sociology, Politics, and Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Studies. I have created a course plan designed for nonprofit work with curriculum that allows for immersive learning opportunities to collaborate with other subjects such as activism and English to get involved in projects with real-world impact.

Nicole Miller- Costuming for Film and Theatre
My major focuses on the application of costuming techniques to both stage and screen productions which is built upon a foundation of Film and Theater Studies. This major is an integration of Art History, Theater Production, and Film Theory that aims to provide a practical and theoretical background to costume design and construction.

Class of 2022

Evelyn Adorno - Criminology
In my major, I focus on a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of crime. Courses in sociology, psychology, CSCRE, politics, and legal studies will together provide a full picture not only of the policy and procedure in the criminal justice system, but more importantly, lead to an understanding of the ways in which different societal factors influence individual action.

Kassandra Medina- Critical Race Theory in Community Education
This major focuses on learning the best ways to provide resources and opportunities to disenfranchised communities. By combining courses in African Diaspora, Latinx, Asian/Asian American, and Indigenous/Native studies with Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies I will have a deepened knowledge and understanding of disenfranchised groups. The framework of skills obtained will enhance my focus on the critical theories of racial consciousness and gender inequalities so that I can educate and assist different communities.

Casey Miller- Criminal Justice and Behavioral Studies
My major combines several disciplines in order to examine the behavioral, legal, and political aspects of the criminal justice system. By combining courses in legal studies, communication studies, sociology, and politics, this major actively integrates an understanding of the sociological and psychological dimensions of crime with an added legal dimension. 

Cyepress Rite- Resistance and Gendered Blackness 
My major is designed to address the injustices that exist within the US justice system as perpetrated in the forms of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex, specifically impacting people of color. Through interdisciplinary coursework in communication studies, education, politics, and sociology, I seek not only to understand the institutionalized nature of the problem, but also to develop skills that will allow a practical framework for action, and specifically to focus on advocacy for incarcerated youth.

Class of 2021

Hana Cho - Justice in Education and Educational Policy 
My major explores an understanding of educational policy with a focus on promoting justice for minority groups. Courses in education, politics, sociology, and CSCRE provide a grounding in the cultural, historical, and political context of education in the United States, as well as provide opportunities for me to acquire skills to effectively promote diversity and equality in education through the development and implementation of policy

Emma Fleisig- Culture, Race and Ethnicity Studies 
My major focuses on the history of systematic and institutionalized oppression of culturally, economically, and racially marginalized groups in society. Courses in CSCRE and history will allow me to form an understanding of how oppression, both past and present, affects the structure of opportunities for minority groups today. 

Daniela Rivero- Social Movements and Latin American Studies 
My major is designed to help me understand the social, historical, and political dynamics that create the systematic oppression of migrants and indigenous peoples at the hands of settler-colonial states. Through courses in politics, sociology, and CSCRE, I explore the unequal impact of political and economic policies in such states, develop an understanding of how to foster social change on issues such as land rights and political self-determination that are particularly important to indigenous groups, and gain practical skills to support active engagement in social change work.

Class of 2020

Lydia Brown–  Arts Outreach
This major focuses on the study of the arts, particularly theatre, as a tool for self-expression and discovery; I want to work with youth (and adults) of the LGBTQ+ community in making the arts accessible as a creative outlet in their community. In order to best accomplish this, my major incorporates courses from the Theatre, English, and Education departments. These courses will give me the skills to both create theatre and educate those who participate on why the art they are creating is important. Additionally, I want to be able to understand what constitutes good theatre for maximum social change and outreach. 

Pierre Clavel- Systems and Organizational Behavior 
This interdisciplinary major offers an approach to studying the challenges posed by so-called “wicked” problems, large-scale problems such as climate change and poverty, that are nonlinear, dynamic, and complex, that require interdisciplinary solutions. This major combines courses from disciplines including organizational studies, communication studies, management, and psychology, to provide opportunities to explore the interactive nature of individual and group behaviors and processes, as well as to develop technical skills in management and leadership.

Sam Haney–  LGBT+ Studies and Advocacy
My major focuses on a broad range of courses on gender and sexuality, in regards specifically to the LGBT+ community. My plan is comprised of three sections: (1) professional development, (2) intersectionality, and (3) gender and sexuality. After completing this major, I will be able to educate people about and advocate for the LGBT+ community, while also recognizing who the different members of the community are and understanding their different needs/concerns. 

Raquel Jacobs– Intercultural Communication and Management
The focus of this major would be on both globalization and intersectionality. This major would pull courses from the existing majors of Business Administration, Culture and Communication, and Communication, Management, and Design. In the end, these courses will prepare me for a career that promotes diversity and inclusion within the workplace. My hope is to be involved in hiring decisions, customer service training, and teaching programs to make my future workplace one that is both safe and respectful to cultural difference.

Dalia Kirshenblat– Science Writing and Communication
The goal of my major is to make seemingly daunting subjects in the sciences accessible to anyone of any age, background, or ability. Through a combination of science and writing courses, my major that will prepare me for the skills and expertise required to get into the field of science communications, such as working for science museums or in the public outreach, education or communication departments of science organizations. This major will also prepare me for science writing, such as in science magazines or journalism. 

Madeline Klotz– Integrative Neuroscience With Special Populations 
My major allows me to combine the academic areas of biology, chemistry, gerontology, psychology, and recreation and leisure studies in order to gain a unique perspective on the field of neuroscience. Through my coursework and eventual hands on experience, I will be gaining the skills necessary to being a thoughtful caregiver and a strong science-based researcher. After completing this major, I will be able to continue on my educational path to becoming a physician's assistant.

Amy Manchester– Music Industry Management
My major allows me to combine coursework from the Business, Music, and Communications schools to give me exposure to all aspects of music management. When I complete this major, I will be able to manage both artists and record labels as well as successfully navigate the communications and marketing worlds of the music industry.

August Miguez- Critical Community Work 
My major explores the historical and cultural context of how various communities have been socially constructed and treated based on race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, ability, and other identities. In my studies, I connect the theoretical approach afforded by feminist theories of intersexuality with courses on practical applications of theory. This combination of theory and practice leads not only to a more comprehensive understanding of the social structure that support systems of oppression and privilege, but provides me with skills to communicate effectively about these structures and systems, and to engage actively in community work.

Integrative Studies in the Ithacan

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