The Capstone Experience in Mathematics is a year-long sequence of courses in the junior-senior years designed to integrate and reflect upon the overall mathematics curriculum.  Students explore an advanced topic and draw connections to the mathematics they learned in the first three years.  Students choose a topic and work with a faculty mentor to shape the project.  

Past Capstone Projects


  • Cryptology- from Caesar to RSA
  • Morse-Thue Sequence
  • Ranking in College Basketball
  • Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  • Riemann Hypothesis
  • Impossibility Theorems
  • Symmetry in the Literature of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Amicable Numbers
  • Cultural Mathematics and Space-filling Curves
  • Mathematics and Architecture
  • Chronic Condition Analysis Through Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Operational Calculus of the L2 Transform


  • Indra’s Pearls and Computer Programming
  • Analogs between Hyperbolic functions and Trigonometric functions
  • An Analysis of Mathematical Structures in Malagasy Divination
  • Mathematics of Juggling
  • Space-filling Curves


  • High School Mathematics from the College Perspective
  • Order and Chaos in Math and Literature
  • Ranking Teams in the NFL
  • The Prime Number Theorem
  • Symmetry and Algebra
  • Chaotic Dynamical Systems
  • Mathematics of Financial Bonds
  • Survey of Orthogonal Functions


  • Mathematical Billiards
  • Methods of Optimization
  • Triangular Arrays
  • Tensors, Vectors, and Linear Forms
  • Chaos in Elections


  • Overview and Analysis of Quaternions
  • Similarity and Symmetry Across Mathematics
  • What are Numbers?
  • The Symmetric Group
  • Calculus in the Surreals


  • Measuring Power Distribution in Weighted Voting Systems
  • Where are Limits Needed in Calculus?
  • Introduction to Elliptic Curves and their Uses
  • Conformal Mappings and Inversion
  • One-way Functions: The Making and Breaking Secret Codes
  • What does Dimension mean?