Student Services Team Members Lend a Helping Hand, told by SST Manager, Gabby Root

The Student Services Desk (SST) is another outlet we have in the School of Business that serves the students in many ways.

Students can walk up to the Student Services Desk and ask questions ranging from, where a Professor’s office is located to, would being a double major in Economics fit into my schedule? The SST desk members are School of Business majors that have experienced what every student will go through; so they are able to offer great advice and personal advice as well.

One of our new members, Alisha Luziani said “The Student Services Desk allows our deans to focus on the broader spectrum of the School of Business and not spend time on the minor tasks or situations that the SST members can take care of. The desk keeps the office from getting backed up and we are more than happy to assist students whenever they come in.”

As the Student Services Team Manager, I look back on how helpful the Student Services Team members have been for me. When I was planning on studying abroad in London a SST member sat with me for an hour and helped me plan out how I would fit it into my schedule and what classes to take abroad.

Throughout the course of the year we help students register for classes if need be, host study breaks in the 2nd floor atrium and make sure students have a smooth four years here, academically.

“The SST members provide a friendly and inviting environment for our current students to receive help throughout the year. I enjoy working with them to assist the student body in any way we can.” said Catrina Decker, the Academic Services Coordinator.

2012-2013 SST Members include; Gabby Root, Brandon Xing, Alisha Luziani, Hilary Jones, Liana Casciani, Kayla Bledsoe, Stephanie Lemmons, and Kristal Hamou



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