In Support of the School of Business

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) exists to support efforts to achieve the school's vision, actualize its mission, and continually improve the quality of education it provides to its students.

The BAC is committed to developing leadership and teamwork skills in our students, enhancing opportunities for experiential activities, and promoting student learning and development within the global and ethical decision-making context necessary to foster sustainable enterprises.

The BAC provides a vital service to the faculty and students of the school, as well as other stakeholders, through the advice and consultation it renders to the dean on issues related to strategic planning and management, curriculum innovation, mentoring of students, internships and externships, and in the efforts of the School of Business to produce graduates who possess the skills and abilities highlighted above.


The Business Advisory Council provides members the opportunity to:

  • Serve as a sounding board for strategic plans and goals, research projects, educational programs, and external activities
  • Provide advice and assistance in placing graduates in career positions and internship opportunities
  • Provide assistance in accomplishing new programs, centers, and initiatives
  • Communicate the needs and requirements of the business community to ensure that our graduates develop the skills and abilities required for success
  • Provide feedback on our degree programs with regard to their relevance to organizations of the future
  • Provide assistance and advice in acquiring resources in the business community to support the mission and objectives of the School of Business


Individuals are selected to serve on the BAC based on a variety of factors. Candidates do not need expert knowledge of higher education; rather, the council seeks individuals who will bring unique experience, judgment, and innovative perspective. College affiliation is not a prerequisite for membership; however, the goal is to maintain an approximate level of 60 percent alumni on the council.

Membership terms are three years in length, and are renewable.

Current Members

Michael Axelrod '91
Jan Berman '80
Jodi Denman '88
Jerry Dietz '75
Justin B. Dew '96
Shamika Edwards '11
Mark French '97
Rich Gillette '86
Jeff Glat '86
Steve Gonick '85
Patrick Govang
Michael Kaplan '85
Dayna Kleinman '93
Doug Levine '98
Bendan Long '08
Howard March '80
Marshall McCormick
Heather McDaniel
John Olson '76
Evan Schapiro '11
Jon Sebiri '88
Helen Talty '92
Sam Villanti '86
Marc Weinberg '80
Kim Zeoli '89