The Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise exterior doors are open to the general public at 7:00 am and locked at 11:00 pm.

Faculty/Staff cards allow access 24x7 to all electronically-controlled doors.

Some rooms in the building are under electronic access control. These rooms are normally open weekdays at 7:30am and locked at 5:30pm. Additional restrictions are noted where applicable:
* BUS 105 Trading room - accessible to finance students and CTC members after normal hours with special permission
* BUS 114 Conference/class room
* BUS 115 Computer lab
* BUS 120 Trading lab - accessible only by ID Card with special permission
* BUS 203 Conference room
* BUS 204 Computer lab/class room - 7:30am-8:00pm Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-4:00pm Friday
* BUS 403 Faculty/Staff/Graduate lounge - restricted at all times to faculty, staff, and graduate students
* BUS 319 Workroom - restricted at all times to SoB faculty/staff and SoB student employees

Please do not prop doors open as an alarm may sound or Public Safety may respond to a door left ajar.

Contact Katy Hall (, 274-3940) if special access rights are required or for troubleshooting with your ID card.

Reserving Space

To reserve a meeting or event space in the Park Center, please use the online reservation system: