Michael Johnson-Cramer

As a newcomer to Ithaca, I can attest to what an extraordinary place this is. Business education here isn’t just a series of credits or courses.  It is a four-year, immersive experience.

Above all, the School is about people. Connect with our faculty. They are constantly designing new experiences to help you along your academic and professional journey. Learn from your peers, through our student services desk, best-in-class peer tutoring, competition teams, and clubs. Connect with our alumni to find a mentor who understands the challenges you’re likely to face in the business world. Engage beyond campus to test your leadership skills by making a difference in Ithaca and beyond.

The School of Business is a place for students who want to actively co-create their education. Throughout the semester, our building is abuzz – demo days for entrepreneurs, opportunities to meet leaders in industries from accounting to consumer brands, investment pitches by finance students in the trading room, sport management students preparing to work the Olympics or the Super Bowl. In fact, the whole campus is full of people creating things – shooting films, advancing causes, producing musicals, healing people. As a business student, you can be a vital part of those activities. Make business your creative outlet.

It is my great honor to be dean at this moment of hope and opportunity. As we emerge from the pandemic together, we have a real opportunity to rebuild a sense of community – in the School, the College, and in Ithaca. Progress is something we make together.

Warmest regards,
Michael Johnson-Cramer
Dean, School of Business
Park Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Room 308

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