Here are some tips for making the most out of your First Year at Ithaca College.

Learn How to Create Your Own Plan

You DO NOT need to know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you start college.  Starting the conversation, however, can help you sort through alternatives and help you better map out possible options.

Meet with CCED staff to learn how to get started and develop a personalized 4-year career plan.

Assess What Matters to You

Assess your personal values, interests, skills and abilities through career self-assessment tools such as the:

Stop by  CCED to learn more.

Research New Fields

The best way to find out  about an occupation is through research and by meeting people in the field.  Alumni and industry professionals can help you learn more through informational interviews and job shadowing.

Two excellent research sites to get you started are:

Immerse Yourself in Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved on-campus and in the Ithaca community.  Here are three:

Find a Summer Experience

Get a summer job that will provide you with an opportunity to learn about a career field that interests you.  Here are some resources to help:

Try Your Hardest

Do your best work academically.  It can be a transition adjusting to college level work and here are some resources to help you.

It's never to early to start taking advantage of all that CCED has to offer!