Our Commitment To Building A Welcoming, Equitable, & Inclusive Community

Alumni panel: Ricardo Gomez-Perez, Leonardo Wise and Eden Strachan

The Center for Career Exploration and Development (CCED) affirms the Ithaca College Diversity Statement and commits to building and contributing to a campus community that is welcoming, equitable, and inclusive to individuals of all identities.  We affirm the need to recognize, analyze, and stand against systems of inequality. Our responsibility as educators is to inspire students to explore and uphold their values, find meaning in them, and encourage forward momentum. We acknowledge that it is also our responsibility as individuals to do this work. We commit to continuously: 

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  • Recognize that career development is unique for every person, especially those who have been impacted by systemic disadvantages, marginalization, and exclusion  
  • Create a safe space where students can talk freely and openly, without judgement, about their identities and circumstances 
  • Increase student access to opportunities and resources, which includes educating employers on existing systems and practices that are exclusionary 

  • Seek out and develop relationships with employers who specifically value diversity and inclusion 
  • Ensure diverse representation in our programs and events to reflect our community’s intersecting experiences, identities, and abilities 
  • Ensure all efforts are made to recruit and hire diverse professional and student staff 
  • Actively and directly hear feedback via this online form from our community, then doing the work necessary to incorporate that feedback within the capacity of our resources 

It is our intent with this statement to create and refine tangible processes for measuring our progress.