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Newest Episodes: Welcome To Season Two!

Episode 10: Studying In London - What You Need To Know
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In this episode we explore the ins and outs of studying in London.

Episode 09: Navigating Scholarship Opportunities
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In this episode Lukas delves into the tools and resources for finding scholarships.

Episode 8: The Student-Athlete Experience
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In Episode 8 Lukas discusses the student-athlete experience with IC athletes Anya Watkins (basketball) and Ashan Chandrasena (rowing).

Episode 7: Are The Clubs I Join Now Beneficial Post-Grad?
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In episode 7 we explore whether joining clubs are beneficial post-grad. 

Episode 6: Can I Successfully Double Major?
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In episode 6 Lukas asks the question, "Can you succeed with a double major?"

Episode 5: Behind The Scenes Of TV News
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In episode 5, Lukas peers behind the scenes of TV News.

Episode 04: Post Production In Sports Media
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In episode 4, Scott Lozea- Director of Post Production at NBC Sports, discusses what it's like to work in post-production.

Episode 3: Finding Confidence In Career Readiness
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In this episode, we discuss finding confidence in career readiness.

Episode 2: Confidence and Competence: Following Your Dreams
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In this episode, we explore confidence, competence and following your dreams.

Episode 1
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In the first episode of Season 2, Lukas interviews alumna Alexa Chalnik on songwriting, content creation, and networking.

Season One Episodes

Episode 1: Succeeding In College
Audio file

In our inaugural episode, Career Engagement Specialists Brielle Long (Humanities & Sciences) & Cooper Rothman (School of Music, Theatre, & Dance) talk about their roles and how the Center for Career Exploration & Development helps Ithaca College students and alumni.

Episode 2: Starting Your Own Media Brand
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In episode 2, host Lukas Kauffman interviews IC alums Eden Strachan, a journalist and social justice filmmaker, and Christina Chironna, co-founder of FilmUp.

Episode 3: Social Justice & Entrepreneurship
Audio file

In episode 3, Lukas interviews IC alums Rita Bunatal and Via Carpenter who discuss their journey as entrepreneurs with a social justice mindset.

Episode 4: Is Grad School for Me?
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In episode 4, Lukas interviews faculty members Peter Martin (Education) and Margaret Shackell (Business) who discuss the pros and cons of graduate education.

Episode 5: Exploring Careers In Education
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In episode 5, Lukas interviews Education Department faculty members Sara Levy (Education) and Shuzhan Li who discuss careers in education and share their own journeys.

Episode 6: Creative Careers in Writing
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In episode 6, Lukas interviews writers Steven Salvatore and Meg Marzella who discuss creative careers in writing.

Episode 7: How To Nail Job Interviews
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In episode 7, Lukas interviews Career Engagement Specialists Suzanne Brache (Park) and Jonathan Chalmers (Business) who discuss how to nail job (and internship) interviews.

Episode 8: Careers In Environmental Science
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In episode 8, Lukas interviews Mary McKean (Project Specialist, National Park Service) and Julia DiGeronimo (Environmental Educator and Bee Keeper) about careers in the environmental science space.

Episode 9: Advice from a Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur
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In episode 9, Lukas interviews Bryan Guzski, a physical therapist and entrepreneur.