The Role of Cover Letters

Image: Person working on cover letter

Your resume never travels alone. Each time you submit your resume to an employer, you should enclose a cover letter.  Your cover letter plays an important role in telling your story by showing how the skills from your resume connect to the skills sought in the job or internship description.  If your cover letter addresses relevant skills, your chances of getting an interview increases.

For a deeper dive, check out the video at the bottom of this page.

Cover Letter Guide

This Quick Guide will break down the components of a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letters:  While the principles of cover letter writing are consistent across fields, here are some examples from different industries:

Getting Feedback

Feedback is available during our drop-in hours or through an appointment with a Career Engagement Specialist (CES).  It is generally a good idea to start with drop-ins and then meet with a CES.

This quick video will teach you the key strategies for writing a cover letter that connects your skills to the skills that are sought.