Here are some tips for making the most out of your Third Year at Ithaca College.

Tips for third year students.

Create a Post-Grad Plan

Meet with a CCED staff member to formulate your job or graduate school search timeline and plans.

Establish Your Goals

Focus and set career goals. At this time, all the experience and information you have gathered should be crystallizing into solid career goals and plans.

Join a Chapter

Join student chapters of professional organizations to gain career information and to start networking.

Take Concrete Steps toward Grad School

Research graduate/professional school possibilities, the application procedures and deadlines.

Start Preparing for Your Admission Tests

Register and prepare for admission tests such as the GRE, LSAT and MCAT or GMAT.

Get to Know Potential Employers

Participate in career fairs and career related events to explore your options and network with potential employers.

Learn from Alumni's Experiences

Get to know alumni and actively network with professionals in your area of interest.

Step into a Leadership Role

Take on leadership roles on and off-campus.

Gain Experience over the Summer

Get professional experience through on-campus research, an internship, on-campus employment, volunteer work or a summer job.  View opportunities in Handshake.

CCED can help you with every step of your career journey