Welcome IC Parents & Families!

It is important to know that you play a vital role in the life of your student.

Photo: Parents & Families

Research shows that families often have a strong influence on a students’ career decision making, adjusting to college, developing self confidence and autonomy. Our goal is to prepare you with the information and resources necessary to help your student make sound decisions and to partner with us to encourage your student to take advantage of the services we have to offer.

The Center for Career Exploration and Development (CCED) is committed to teaching our students the necessary career development skills not just for immediately after graduation, but for a lifetime. We recognize that this is a partnership between us, the student, educators on our campus, the recruiters that we work with, and you. In order to ensure that students get the most from this partnership, we want to highlight some things that you specifically can do to help, as well as some things that we can do together.

What You Can Do
  • Read the CCED Creating a Four Year Plan document
  • Discuss your own career choices and share your experiences
  • Encourage involvement in clubs and organizations as well as “real world” experiences
  • Actively listen and provide support
  • Encourage action and exploration
  • Allow your student to make their own choices
  • Be ready for change
  • Try not to be judgmental
What We Can Do Together
  • Teach the skills necessary for students to make sound career decisions
  • Encourage students to our services throughout their college career
  • Provide continual support to them, even as alumni
Help Us Build Our Communities

CCED is always seeking out new opportunities, mentors, and partnerships as we help train the next generation of student leaders.  We value our many family and friend partnerships and invite you to be part of our efforts.  Please consider partnering with us to list opportunities, engage recruiters and speakers, blog, and build networks.

In addition, if you would like to learn more or discuss more, please feel free to contact us at: careers@ithaca.edu