• Medical records at the Hammond Health Center are completely confidential. The information in any record is released only with students' written consent, unless there is a life threatening emergency, or the student is incapable of giving consent in a medically urgent situation. We encourage all students with significant illnesses to communicate openly with their familites, and we will do all we can to facilitate that process. Health center staff will gladly speak with parents or relatives once there is a release of information form on file at the Health Center signed by the student.
  • Download the Release of Information form.
  • We do not issue excuses for class absences. No medical information of any kind can be released to Ithaca College faculty or staff without students' written consent.
  • If you have questions, please contact Terri Hradisky at (607) 274-1183  or thradisky@ithaca.edu

Request for Medical Records

Note: we can only fax records to another medical facility such as your doctor's office, hospital or another college health center; otherwise records will have to be mailed.

To obtain copies of your medical records, please mail an Authorization for Release of Information to:

Mail to: OR Fax to: OR Email completed PDF to
Ithaca College
201 Hammond Health Center
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, New York 14850
  Fax: 607-274-1844   healthcenter@ithaca.ed

The Health Center retains medical records for ten years from the last date of attendance at Ithaca College, and then all records are destroyed. Currently we have medical records from 2009 to current year. Please be specific about the information you are requesting, i.e. immunization records, a particular condition/diagnosis.

If you have questions about completing the release form, please contact Terri Hradisky at (607) 274-1183 or thradisky@ithaca.edu